What’s The Best Smartphone For Productivity?

Productivity Equals Time Divided By Speed And Output


This article will examine what makes the best smartphone for productivity around today. If you have a phone, if you care about your time and information, you need to know what company can make your day, your life easier and more effective. Keep on reading about the best smartphone on the market.

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Everyone knows that time is the most slippery and delicate of things we deal with in our day-to-day lives. It’s a commodity that comes with its scarcity and is irreplaceable. Those are obvious truths that we all live with and one that we’re constantly struggling to slow the process down. When you marry life with business, our time is the first sacrifice, and we can quickly lose that precious commodity.

best smartphone for productivity

So the challenge is to find productivity and efficiency hacks to save time and in the process, our energy. In that vein, we got to think about what is the best smartphone for productivity and efficiency. What we found may surprise you, so keep reading.

Samsung Galaxy Phones Are Great. But They’re Not That Great, Take Note….


While the Samsung Galaxy and Note line of smartphones are awesome for certain aspects of large display size or image capture ability. These are great “phablet” style phones for entertainment, but not great for business or productivity. These large “phablets” may be awesome for image viewing because while they have a larger display than most phones out there, but they also have critical flaws. These flaws may have serious ramifications that may affect your efficiency hack.




Well, the primary issue is that it relies on a number of third-party hacks. This issue is due to their reliance on outside developers for their Apps marketplace and Software. This reliance on outside developers can create communication problems between devices and their apps, making your job more difficult, rather than simpler. And if we’re discussion the best smartphone for productivity, than just this fact alone makes them disqualified.


So If Samsung Isn’t A Great Productivity Hack, How About Others Like HTC?


The main problem with the HTC line is similar to the Samsung line. They make some great phones, and HTC has some incredible camera features, which places them on the short list for best smartphone camera, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss. Much like Samsung, the HTC line relies on third-party phone developers as well. What that reliance means is that there may be communication problems, but there may also be security issues as well.


How can third-party Apps increase security risks?


Imagine if you had a bank account that you allowed everyone in your neighborhood to have access to with little-to-no paper trail or accountability. That’s how third-party Apps work. While the positive of third-party developers is a larger volume of options available, it also means that there is a ton of poorly designed and riskier Apps. And once you purchase them, they have access to anything and everything on your phone. These facts challenge Samsung’s status as best smartphone on the market, so let’s continue our evaluation.

Why Risk Your Business With Dangerous Apps?

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You may be wondering how your App selection is part of the equation to decide the best smartphone for productivity. For one, the security of your information, whether it’s business or personal is at risk for exposure. It’s easy to understand if you think about it. There are two primary ways that having a vertical platform for your Apps and software can save you time.

  1.  Having a secure, vertical platform of software and App development means that there is a smaller chance of being hacked or sensitive information being exposed.
  2. By having all your software and App development coming from the same platforms, there are minimal communication problems, making your devices sync seamlessly and effortlessly. This fact equates to shaving time off your workday by increasing efficiency and diminishing the amount of trouble shooting.


So Who Makes A Vertically Integrated Smartphone?


To increase productivity and efficiency means to improve communication, output, and speed, while decreasing resistance. By making everything in-house a vertically integrated company will diminish risk and resistance while improving output, speed, and communication. This efficiency will help save time, in the long run.


So who is that one company?

The Best Smartphone For Productivity Is Made By Apple

best smartphone for productivity

Apple, Inc. is that one company that is a perfect blend of productivity and efficiency all built into their iconic iPhone brand. Every iPhone comes with an amazing suite of built-in Apps such as their documents App called Pages, to their spreadsheet functions App called Numbers and Keynote for presentations. The inclusion of these Apps means that there is absolutely no reason to expose yourself to the risk of third-party software. All of this allows iPhones to communicate with other devices, specially made by Apple, to communicate flawlessly as well. Just with this suite of Apps alone helps rank the iPhone the best smartphone on the market. But they include even more ways to help you with your productivity.


Additionally, the mailbox and calendar Apps included as part of your device helps sync any email address and daily activity. By coordinating mail and your calendar, you can set your device to remind you of daily, weekly and monthly reminders for appointments, meetings, and other important events. What this all means for you the end user, is that you have an incredible amount of resources at your disposal to make this the best smartphone for on the market.

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With improved communication and minimal risk of being hacked, the iPhone brand by Apple is our vote for the best smartphone for productivity.  This also ranks the iPhone the best smartphone on the market for both personal and business purposes.  So if you value your information, and you value your time, to consider any other smartphone would just be silly. And being silly with your time is like being lost in the desert with a canteen of water, and just for fun, you pour your canteen out onto a cactus to watch it grow.


It’s foolhardy and dangerous, just like using any other smartphone.

For the best smartphone for productivity, you’d be a fool to look anywhere other than at an iPhone.



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