We Rank The Top Smartphone From All The Best New Smartphones

We look at the best new smartphones from Samsung and Apple to award the top smartphone available.

In this review, we’ve concentrated our attention to compare two major players in the market to decide the top smartphone. We focus our attention on two of the top leaders among the industry with Apple and Samsung. What follows assessment will look at the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with Samsung’s Galaxy s5 and Galaxy Note 4.

samsung galaxy note 4 - is this top smartphone of the best new smartphones

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To understand which of the cell phones are the best new smartphones and deserving of the top prize, we look at important features such as camera options, video resolution, and processor speed.

In this review, we examine the single most important feature(s) that help the top smartphone stand out. This feature (or features) are the ones we believe matter most when we’re judging their rankings.

We also took a look at the software that comes along installed with each of the best new smartphones to help you make an educated decision.

Take a look at what we decided and see if our rankings agree with your choice about which is the top smartphone.

Here are the primary results and what we found.

The Samsung Galaxy s5:

With their super AMOLED 1080 x 1920 (432ppi) resolution screen, this smartphone is going to make anybody who purchases it extremely happy with its ability to record video. Additionally, its 16-megapixel camera and LED flash enhances an already strong aspect of the Galaxy s5, ensuring it is in the running for the smartphone with best camera award. Its video recording is what helps it rank on our list, and we’re sure you’ll be more than happy about it.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

Released October 17, 2014 – the Galaxy Note 4 has the best screen size of any of the best new smartphones and boasts a 5.7” display that has a camera resolution of 16-megapixels as well as a 515ppi pixel density. It’s an incredible screen resolution that is an amazing 2560 x 1440, which makes it a beast to compete with image quality. The main reason it’s not the top smartphone available today, is the clunky stylus pen that seems entirely antiquated.

Having looked at Samsung phones, let’s turn our attention toward Apple and their iconic iPhone brands.

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons Why The iPhones Are The Best New Smartphones

1. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are HUGE revisions from the previous versions. With increased screen sizes of 4.7 inches OR 5.5 inches and a leaner, lighter body – the latest phones are both superior and slimmer than prior brands and that puts them in direct competition with the Galaxy s5 for market supremacy.

2. Exceptional graphic interfaces and extremely high-def resolution are another of their new features. From 1334×780 for the iPhone 6 or 1920×1080 for the iPhone 6 Plus – the graphics jump right off the screen and out at you making pictures and videos unreal. These compete with both of Samsung’s flagship phones in both camera quality and video display.

3. The new A8 processor. It’s a renovation of the previous A7 chip that was by all standards incredibly fast and efficient. This remarkably sleek and fast central processing unit Apple claims is over 84x more powerful and has the power of 2 billion transistors – it makes it the fastest and most amazing processor speed out there today.

We’ve looked at a number of new smartphones to determine which one is the best. We’ve focused on the strong point of each one and did a comparison of Samsung’s top smartphones, the Samsung s5 and the Note 4 as well as Apple’s iconic iPhones. Our hope is that be reading this review you’ll be able to make a more informed decision before your next smartphone purchase.

So what do you think? Is Apple the top smartphone or does Samsung make the best new smartphones?

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