We Predict The Samsung Galaxy s6 As The Best Smartphone For Productivity

In The Latest Smartphone News, There’s A New Galaxy Phone Coming

The Samsung Galaxy s6 is on its way! And even before its release, we predict the phone to be the best smartphone for productivity ever!

This Sunday March 1, Samsung will unwrap its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy s6. And if the new release holds true to what we’ve seen and heard, Samsung will maintain its status as having some of the best smartphones on the market.

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Just as with earlier releases of their flagship phones, Samsung is using Spring as the release date for its newest line. In 2013, we saw the Galaxy s4 and in April 2014 the incredible Galaxy s5 was birthed to the world. With improved size and processing speed, we expect that the Samsung Galaxy s6 will become the best smartphone for productivity. We know that the release date is on Sunday March 1, so we’ll see a new and improved Samsung Galaxy s6, but what do we know about it?

Keep on reading for details.

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From What We’ve Heard, The New Samsung Galaxy s6 Will Be Awesome

Having scoured the interwebs, we’ve found some intriguing details ahead of the release. From TechRadar, PCmag and others, we’ve found enough common rumors to believe that the details contain some nuggets of truth. We’ve compressed all that we found some simple bite-sized nuggets for you to ponder, and we’ll report the specifics once the phone is officially released.

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Some of the projected details of the new Galaxy s6 are as follows:

1. Display: A Quad HD 2560×1440 resolution display will make it the top smartphone for video and image viewing.
2. Cameras: a 20MP camera with built-in Optimal Image Stabilization to take crisp, lifelike pictures and image capture. Also comes with a 5MP facing camera to take high-resolution “selfies”. Additionally it’s rumored that there are some incredible improvements with the aperture to be able to capture images in stunning high-definition even in low-light situations.
3. Platform/Software: The Samsung Galaxy s6 is expected to operate on the incredibly fast Lollipop 5.0 OS and having 3GB of RAM to make it process lightning-quick. We believe that these enhancements will make the Samsung Galaxy s6 the best smartphone for productivity around.
4. Dimensions/Hardware: The new Samsung Galaxy s6 builds on the standard of large phones that straddle the line of phone and tablets or “phablets” with a 5.6 x 2.7 x .027 inches. It is expected to have a 5.1 inch display, but is also rumored to have an increased size of 5.2-5.3 inches of display.

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In The End, Stay Up To Date On The Latest Smartphone News With 10 Best Smartphones

We’ll know more about all the great new aspects of the Samsung Galaxy s6 once it’s officially released on Sunday March 1. But with Samsung’s history of releasing incredible devices, we expect that this new phone will be a huge challenge to the industry leaders and become one of the best smartphones on the market.

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