3 Reasons The iPhone 6 Bests The Other Top Smartphones

Apple Makes The Top Smartphones And How You Can Save Money On One!

In 2007, Apple changed the mobile phone market by releasing their very first iPhone and quickly became one of the top smartphones in the world. The iconic iPhone may not have been the first cell phone to evolve into the ‘Smartphone’ format, but the design and usability of the iPhone clearly changed people’s perceptions of how they thought of a phone.


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But how did Apple become the icon it is today? What about the iPhone line makes them the best smartphones on the market?

What is it? Well, you need to understand a little history first:

Apple Marketing Is Just As Critical As Its Design For Its Brand


In 1984, a fledgling computer manufacturing company known as Apple Computers dropped a bomb in the marketing world with their ‘1984’ commercial. Before it launched, people told Apple that the bleak, dreary ad was going to fail. Worse, they claimed it would kill their brand. Apple went ahead and launched the ad anyway and much to the shock of the “Pros”, the ad singly shot Apple’s brand into the stratosphere.


When they chose to launch the iPhone, it followed up with the silhouette ad program Apple had developed for its popular iPod division. In a contrast, the iPhone ads placed famous people, faces of actors and every day people, which made the iPhone seem warm and friendly.


Again, the marketing shot the product through the roof.


Since their early days, building incredible devices with outstanding market strategies has been a focal point for Apple. Except for a small blip on their radar, upon everything they’ve ever done, Apple has mainly improved their brand building a cult-like following in the process.


Now consider the design and marketing behind the launch of Apple Watch. Sleek, but scalable to be a functional timepiece to elegant accessory (priced as high as $15,000 USD), the pre-launch has already sold out of stock.


This historical trend comes back to the fact that Apple makes the top smartphones available.


Why Does The iPhone 6 Win The Award As The Best Of The Best New Smartphones?


For three main reasons:


1) Design – Contemporary chic, the iPhone is built to be smooth, sleek and elegant. With an attention to the detail of the design, the iPhone 6 design has been copied by many other phones, including the most recent Samsung Galaxy S6! ( NEW Samsung Galaxy S6 FREE with Sprint’s $80 Unlimited Plus Plan – UNLIMITED TALK AND TEXT with 24-month lease! (Valid thru 6/11/15))


2) Operating System – Apple’s iOS syncs effortlessly with Apple’s other Operating Systems, as well as quick and easy with many other platforms. Another key point is that by building everything in-house, Apple limits the number of outside developers, meaning that security is a primary function of all Apple products, especially for the iPhone 6. This means that Apple has made the Operating System virtually impossible to hack.


3) Price Through Service – Finding a data provider is easy with Apple. From all the major carriers, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon, you can get outstanding service options at incredible prices. What’s more is that you can shop around and get the right data plan for you and your family. The right data plan will save you money on your monthly cell phone bill, as well as help you get the iPhone 6 at incredibly lower prices.


We’ve reviewed a number of the top smartphones, from the HTC One M9, the Samsung Note 4 and Galaxy S6 as well as Apple’s line of iPhones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and made our decision focusing on those three elements, 1) Design, 2) Operating System, 3) Price Through Service provider. What we found was that Apple makes the best new smartphones, simple.


One last reason that Apple makes the top smartphones is that over the eight years that they’ve produced their iPhones, only once has Apple’s brand been threatened with not being the best. That was when the rest of the smartphone manufacturers were chasing larger and larger screens, Apple quietly waited.


Then BOOM! The released the iPhone 6 and the even larger iPhone 6 Plus. Not only did Apple feed into the cult of Apple devices, they created new customers with superior marketing and outstanding, easy to use software.


When they first launched into the cell phone foray, Apple changed the way people thought about their phones. With each development and advancement, they’ve designed a state-of-the-art product that has constantly dominated the marketplace. By doing so, they’ve defined the way we all think about our phones. By dominating the market with superior quality and amazing marketing, it’s easy to see why the iPhone lines are the top smartphones.


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