Apple vs Samsung For Top Smartphone: The Winner Is…

How To Find The Top Smartphone That’s Right For Your Bottom Line

From the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to Samsung’s Galaxy S6, there are some outstanding new additions to the consumer electronics marketplace. So much in fact, that choosing the top smartphone is a difficult challenge. But what is the best of the best smartphone on the market? How do you know which one to pick for your needs?

NEW Samsung Galaxy S6 FREE with Sprint’s $80 Unlimited Plus Plan – UNLIMITED TALK AND TEXT with 24-month lease! (Valid thru 6/11/15)

We live in an age that was considered science fiction not too long ago. For example, computers that you could take with you, cars that talked, and phones that could fit in the palm of your hand.

apple vs samsung

From the Jetsons to Star Trek (original or newer versions), Star Wars and more, the amount of things that we believed to be available in the future may already be here.


(We may still be waiting for a flying car, but perhaps not much longer if reports like this one in Forbes magazine online is to be believed.)


With the power of a mainframe computer in the recent past, the top smartphone is one that has the power of the greatest competitors, slick design, and esthetically beautiful.


In our review of Apple’s iPhones, we talk about how they meet all three criteria.

(Read those reviews HERE and HERE)


Look, technology is an awesome resource for us.


But don’t overpay for it.


You need to keep costs low while maximizing your return on investment.

How To Save On The Best Smartphone On The Market


So while the iPhones are awesome, right now the best smartphone on the market is the Samsung Galaxy S6.


One way you can save money on a cell phone is to find a deal on an older version of a mobile phone through the manufacturer. Another way is to purchase a refurbished one at a reduced cost.


But did you know that many service providers offer incredible prices on even the newest phones?


Service providers like Boost Mobile, Verizon, or Sprint will give you great prices to switch to their services. For a limited time right now, Sprint is offering an incredible offer to switch over to their service. They’ll give you the Samsung Galaxy S6 for FREE when you switch to a Sprint data plan.


That’s right, get the Galaxy S6 for FREE when you switch your data plans.

top smartphone

But what’s so special about the Galaxy S6?


For starters, it’s a perfect blend of screen size, thickness and design.


Some other important features of Samsung’s Galaxy s6:

NEW Samsung Galaxy S6 FREE with Sprint’s $80 Unlimited Plus Plan – UNLIMITED TALK AND TEXT with 24-month lease! (Valid thru 6/11/15)

1. Display and Screen Size: A Quad HD 2560×1440 resolution display will make it the top smartphone for video and image viewing on it’s beautiful 5.1-inch display.


2. Cameras: a 20MP camera comes with Optimal Image Stabilization built into the phone to help you capture crisp, amazing pictures. The Galaxy S6 also has a 5MP front-facing camera to take high-resolution “selfies”. Additionally the phone structure and software aperture can take pictures and capture crystal clear images in stunning high-definition, even in low-light situations.


3. Platform/Software: Running the Android Lollipop 5.0 Operating System, the Galaxy S6 has 3GB of RAM and a lighting quick processor. The lightning speed of its processor makes the Galaxy S6 the best smartphone on the market for business productivity right now.

Final Review, The Galaxy S6 Is The Top Smartphone Right Now

If you’re looking for a new smartphone, how do you decide what is the best smartphone on the market for your needs?  Well, if you choose between Apple and Samsung, you’re really going to get an incredible phone.  The trick then, is to find it for a price that makes sense to your wallet and your business’ bottom line.


If you act now, Sprint is offering the Samsung Galaxy S6 for FREE if you sign up for a two-year contract. But you have to act now.  The offer expires on June 11, 2015.

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