These 3 Tips Will Help You Decide From All The Most Popular Smartphones

With So Many To Choose From, What Are The Most Popular Smartphones Available?

Apple is releasing their most recent version of the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy s5 is already a huge player on the market and Amazon just dropped the price of their Fire Phone – so which one of the most popular smartphones makes the most sense for you?

most popular smartphones

Comparison of most smartphones available

Well it depends.

Here are a few things to take into consideration about what is the most popular of all the smartphones available and why you need to take them into consideration:

  1. What is the price you’re willing and able to pay?  Do you want only the newest – and most expensive, or are you willing to purchase an older version of the phone – the decision will make a huge difference in the price you may find. Take a look at all the specifics, know what you’re getting and what you’re paying for.  The chart below should help you do a side–side comparison to make a more informed decision of all the specifics and options available.

    most popular smartphones

    Specifics of some of the most popular smartphones

  2. What Type Of Service Do You Want Or Need?  Most phones are offered at discounted prices with a service agreement.  This makes some sense, but it will obligate you for a two-year contract and this may not be what you need.  You can get a month-to-month and pay more for the phone, or you can get a large price break but be obligated to a service provider for two years – it’s your phone and your choice.

    most popular smartphones

    These smartphones all have different service provider options

  3. How Usable Do You Want Your New Smartphone? Apple makes their iPhones easy to setup and integrate with all their available devices, use and add Apps as wanted/needed. Meanwhile the Android software run by the Galaxy s5 has the most Apps available in the world and Amazon Fire Phone runs on the Android platform with an easy to access platform of everything in the Amazon marketplace.

    most popular smartphones

    Usability and activities for the most popular smartphones

These 3 tips should help you understand what you really want with your new phone.  There are plenty of phones out there and knowing what to choose from should make your decision on the most popular smartphones an easier one. One wrong decision and you could be stuck in a contract you don’t want with a phone you don’t use.

Take into consideration all the ways you plan of using your new smartphone that that should help you make an easier decision. From web browsing to social media like Facebook and Instagram, to checking emails, your smartphone should be able to take care of all your needs easily and quickly.  Knowing what you want to use your phone will help you find all the information you need to make your decision. It’s what you know that can help you, and what you don’t that can hurt in your decision.

There are many things you need to decide upon – from what you want to pay, how you want to access your data plan and how simple you want your phone.

Does your phone need to integrate with your other products – Apple makes everything easy to integrate within their operating systems – while Android can integrate with all the options that Windows has for it’s programs.

Once you determine all these factors, you should be able to find which of the best new smartphones is right for you and which of the most popular smartphones makes the most sense for you.

Use these 3 tips to help you find which of the best new smartphones you should purchase from all the options available today.

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