The History Of The Best Smartphone On The Market

In The Beginning Of Mobile Phones

In 2007, Apple changed the mobile phone market by releasing their very first iPhone. While not the first cell phone to move into the ‘Smartphone’ format, the iPhone clearly changed the way people thought about their phones. In so doing, the iPhone quickly became the best smartphone on the market at that time.

best smartphone on the market

And over the last 8 years (wow, 8 years since the first iPhone…. Just wow, time has flown by quickly) only once has the iPhone brand been threatened with their title of being on top. Not only did Apple feed into the cult of Apple devices, they reached out to new customers with superior marketing and outstanding, easy to use software. They changed the way people thought about their phones, what they could use their phones for and how they should be used. In short, they defined the way we use our mobile phones.


In typical Apple fashion, the iPhones they’ve developed since haven’t been the first on the scene. For example, the Samsung Galaxy line of larger and larger screens, have been out since early 2012. While they challenged Apple’s market share, they only dented the sales of iPhones. Not to be concerned, Apple reconfigured its operating system and other improvements. These improvements only solidified Apple’s stranglehold on the electronics niche and why it’s thought Apple makes the best smartphone on the market.

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Only recently with the release of the iPhone 6 Plus did Apple jump into the boundaries of smartphone/phablet style phone. The difference between the two is esthetics and operating software. And for those differences, Apple has once again conquered consumer electronics retailing, and in the process made the Apple brand the worlds’ most valuable.

With an estimated $1 Trillion dollar value, Apple is the most valuable brand in human history.

In The Latest Smartphone News Apple Is About To Release Another Upgrade


That statistic in-and-of-itself is amazing. $1 Trillion dollars is larger than most smaller nations Gross Domestic Product (GDP). And Apple’s not done with their brand. In the spring of 2015, they are on the verge of jumping into the wearable technology field of smart watches. The new watch is anticipated to be parallel with a new iPhone update, or perhaps a new MacBook. They are also rumored to be working on an electric car or incredible battery improvements.

iphone 6

So what does that mean for you, the consumer? For one, it means that every release means new software, new devices and most important, sales on existing stock. Usually, when a company releases a new line or upgrade on existing devices, they slash the cost of existing inventory to unload their stock. This news means that you can get any of the best new smartphones at a great price.


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