The Best Smartphone For Business Might Surprise You

How To Find The Best Smartphone For Business

If you’re in business, you know all about the bottom line. It can be the most important factor in all our decision making.

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best smartphone for business

Increasing revenue and reducing expenses are important mantra’s to your success. And with so much of our lives, from the personal to business, being placed online, the need to be mobile is tantamount. So you need a great phone to accommodate this new dimension of business and it can be costly if you don’t know what you’re looking for in a phone. With the ide that the more you know, the better decisions you can make, here is our list of the best smartphone for business ranked from #5 to #1.

Here’s Our List Of The Top Smartphones


  1. The HTC One M8:

htc on m8The HTC One M8 comes with a durable metallic shell casing to make it one of the most resilient smartphones on the market right now. It’s sleek, aluminum shell gives it a modern elegance that is unmatched by any other phone except for Apple’s iPhones. With a 5 inches high-resolution display, this phone is a great tool for anyone that’s on the go and away from their desktop. It’s Quad-core processor, and expandable memory makes the HTC One M8 a great option for anyone and places it squarely in our top 5 smartphones list.


  1. The Moto X:

moto x

As costs are the dragon that every business must slay, the Moto X comes on our list as the most economical of all the phones. First, it’s features: With a 5.2 inch display, this phone is slightly larger than the HTC One M8 but not as large as a couple of our other entrants. One of the strongest features of the Moto X is its Voice Commands option. This unique feature is one that allows the user to activate certain apps by voice command. You can easily set an important calendar event or reminder by voice command. You can even take a quick note by voice command when the phone is otherwise off! The voice feature alone makes one reason you should consider the Moto X, but the most important? It’s price. The Moto X is the best mid range smartphone on the market priced at $99 with a standard two-year contract.


  1. The Samsung Galaxy s5:

samsung galaxy s5

At 5.1 inches, the Samsung Galaxy s5 display is perfectly sized between the HTC One M8 and Moto X for screen size. One of the best features that place the Samsung Galaxy s5 on our best smartphone for business list is the multi-window option. What the multi-window option allows the user to do is open two different windows, thereby opening two separate apps, and have them on the screen side by side. This takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. You can have reports and spreadsheets next to each other, allowing you to access important documents and information simultaneously. Another great feature is the expandable memory option, so in our mobile world, you can add more memory as necessary.


  1. The Samsung Note 4:

samsung note 4

The largest of our entrants, the Samsung Note 4 is squarely on at the number 2 position. Coming with a 5.7 inch, high-resolution display, this huge smartphone has the largest screen size on the market making it easy to read and scan any documents or images. Another reason it is on our list as the best smartphone for business is the built-in stylus. For many, the stylus pen is clunky and unnecessary, but it comes in handy for those that like the feel of having a pen in hand when they write. This stylus makes it easy to take quick notes by hand or begin sketches for those inclined. Another feature is the same multi-window function found in other Samsung phones, and the fingerprint scanner helps boost your phone’s security so that you know you can keep your information and data safe.


And The Winner For Best Smartphone for Business Is:


  1. The iPhone 6:

iphone 6

As the best smartphone on the market, the iPhone 6 by Apple is as flawless a phone as possible. With a quick A8 processor, this incredibly fast phone is up and running your apps immediately. It’s 4.7 inch display is a departure from Apple’s typical 4 inch display. This makes the iPhone 6 just the right balance between screen size and functionality. It’s screen size is large enough to see any documents in great detail, while still being small enough to navigate with a thumb. The iPhone 6 also comes installed with a bevy of business-friendly apps, like Pages and Numbers, Apples own take on Microsoft’s word and xcel programs. With finger-touch security and the remarkable iOS, Apple has devised the iPhone 6 to offer something for every user in a quick, fast way. As our #1 ranked best smartphone for business, you can’t get any better than the iPhone 6.


Bonus: The iPhone 6 Plus:

iphone 6 plus

As a bonus, the iPhone 6 Plus makes our list as the larger version of the iPhone 6 at a 5.5 inch display. This larger “phablet” sized smartphone comes packed with all the goodness of the iPhone 6 but a larger screen and stronger battery.


So Now You Know What Are The Top Smartphones, Now Save Money

In order to succeed in today’s mobile world, having a great smartphone is one key. Knowing the strengths of each one helps you make an informed purchasing decision and by making an informed decision you’ll be able to save money. If you’re looking to save money on any one best smartphone on the market, check out the deals offered by Sprint. With Sprint, you can get any of the phones from our list at an incredible price.

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