The Best Smartphone For Business Is…

What Is The Best Smartphone For Business?

You have a huge investment in your company, sales, and business.

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In order to be successful in your business, there is just so much to take into consideration. From keeping costs low, with your marketing campaigns and maximizing their return-on-investment, to product launches there is just so much you have to manage and consider. With the larger and larger role that mobile computing takes in day-to-day activities, deciding which smartphone should you buy is critical.


This article will help you decide on the best smartphone for business, regardless of your size and needs.

best smartphone for business


Which Smartphone Should You Buy?What Do You Want?

One of the more important things you need to consider is how do you plan on using your smartphone? Is it for calls, data, productivity apps, keeping appointment calendars? Decide first on how you plan on integrating your smartphone device, and you’ll have a better idea of what to look for in your business phone.

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For example, are you using a ton of excel and word documents that you need to sync with other devices in your home office? Then an Android or Windows phone would make the most sense for your specific needs. There are some incredible productivity apps like OneDrive for Microsoft that allows you to work, sync and store all your documents in their cloud storage. These phones may help answer what is the best smartphone for business, but as we’ll see they’re not the greatest.


Get Flexible And Get Better

If you work in more flexible, creative ways with lots of presentations, then coordinating your smartphone with an Apple device and iPhone will be the most sensible. One great thing is that Apple produces an incredible suite of the best productivity apps for iPhone. Keynote is their version of slide sharing and presentation software, which is a great app for you to integrate with visuals, specific points, and other data to help make your presentation awesome.

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Another thing that you need to consider when you’re trying to decide what is the best smartphone for business needs is what type of data plan are you going to use? Are you looking to operate with the bare minimum or do you want something that is unlimited. Once I was watching SportsCenter, and the anchor was discussing that before joining ESPN his prior data plan was unlimited. When he joined the ESPN team, their parent company Disney said that they wouldn’t allow an unlimited data plan. After his first month of expense reports, he claims to have a $6,000 data bill, and the parent company relented.

Get The Best Smartphone For Your Business With A Great Data Plan

So before you make the mistake of buying the wrong data plan, one that may end up being a costly mistake in the end, know what you want. There are a number of service providers from AT&T to Sprint and others that are offering some incredible deals right to switch to their service. You can find a great deal on any model you choose, but you’ll find a great price on the best smartphone for business.


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