The Best Smartphone For Business As Explained By The Band Devo

Devo, The Power Of Persuasion, And Your Smartphone


How to find the best smartphone for business with the 80’s band Devo.

In the mid-80’s there was a trailblazing band. They fused art and pop melodies to comment on the blind-faith adherents to consumerism.

Though they wrote only one song that received any radio play or attention, they were one of the most important bands of their era. Who’s that band? Devo.

This article is not a post about the band’s hit “Whip It”. But it is an article that does apply to the subject of how the best smartphone for business is one of the most important decisions for you to make regarding your company.

In one of the most important post-consumerism statements of their day, they wrote a song that reflected upon one of Aesop’s fables that addressed the mindless pursuit of greed and the dangers of indecision.

Devo used the song to rebel against the common zeitgeist of always getting more of something, regardless of how it’s valued. They believed that always chasing more of something, the greed incentive, led to indecisiveness, and that was something that was to be feared.

the best smartphone for business

The Power of Persuasion Eliminates Confusion


Freedom Of Choice Is Often Not What We Really Want

That one song by Devo, “Freedom of Choice” is one that for the purpose of this discussion is their reflection upon Aesop’s fable, “the dog and its reflection.” To be fair, you can Google the entire poem, but this post is about Devo’s take on the story and how it helps you decide the best smartphone for business right now.

In their song “Freedom of Choice,” Devo references the poem with the lines;

“…in ancient Rome there was a poem about a dog, who had two bones. He licked the one; he licked the other; he went in circles ’til he dropped dead.”

The chorus of the song goes “freedom of choice is what you’ve got, freedom from choice is what you want”. That’s a telling observation about our desires, which while we may think we want choice, we want the security and safety of the decisions made for us.

So how does knowing this make your business decisions easier? By getting specific with your options, finding a great resource that gives you specific data and in effect, makes that decision for you.

Have you ever gone out to a restaurant or bar and sat by other patrons whose first question to the server is “what’s your favorite on the menu”?”

For some reason, I hate that question. Like warm mayonnaise on a hot summer day type hate. Every person has a different set of tastes and wants, especially when it comes to food or drinks. That’s why I have such disdain for the question. Because what I may like, is totally different than what you may.

But why is it so common a question?

Because people like being told what to do.

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The Power Of Persuasion And The Best Smartphone For Business

Let us say that again, people want to be told what to do, they want to be told what to choose.

That’s the power of persuasion.

People ask their server what their favorite item is because it eliminates critical thinking, it simplifies the decision-making process. In giving up the power of choice making, we are deferring to someone else’s experience. We are placing our trust in someone else and are eliminating doubt in the process. Eliminating doubt is one of the most important steps toward eliminating unnecessary distractions.

To increase productivity, you need to eliminate distractions.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus helps streamline the interaction of their Apps, which eliminates problems between devices. Also, with built-in productivity apps like Pages and Numbers, Apple provides you with a suite of apps that are perfect for writing documents, doing spreadsheets and even allows converting those files to Microsoft applications.

While Microsoft has some outstanding apps and software, and their Word and Xcel are iconic, they are often shut out from mobile devices. Even with their cloud software, getting different devices to sync with other brands can be problematic. This process can create stress between devices, can suck up time and energy, and lend to general frustration with a project. Having a seamless integration is critical to improving efficiency and as a by-product increases productivity.

With an integrated software and cloud sharing software, Apple has made their iPhone the best smartphone for business available right now.

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