The Best Smartphone For Business And Apple Watch Are Perfect Together

There Is No iPhone 6s, Yet… But The Apple Watch Is Here

So with the Apple event on Monday March 10, 2015, what did we discover? For one, the new Apple Watch is to be released for presale in mid-April with general retail sales beginning April 24, 2015. We also learned that Apple is releasing a new MacBook to rival their own MacAir for thinnest laptop on the market. But the one thing we anticipated was a potentially new upgrade for an iPhone 6s. Our expectation was that Apple would use the March event to announce an even greater version of the best smartphone for business needs on the planet.

We were wrong.

But not really.

Apple has a marketing calendar to keep their brand in the forefront of the electronics industry. And with that plan, they time their releases of new mobile devices such as the Apple Watch with a new upgrade. In this case, it was a massive new upgrade for the MacBook, proving that Apple can dominate the mobile devices industry as well home computing.

Apple iPhone 6 64GB

While we anticipated Apple to reveal an iPhone 6s upgrade, the new MacBook and Apple Watch together will only strengthen their brand. In so doing, they also strengthen their hold on their ranking as the best smartphone for business.

How is that? Simple. By releasing new mobile devices and a serious upgrade on their iconic MacBook, they’re creating multiple platforms for you to access your data and communications. One of the greatest strengths of Apple devices is to make all their devices sync easily, so that these new devices will work very well with an iPhone 6.

The Best Smartphone For Business Is Even Better With Apple Watch


Based on typical marketing schedules of release by Apple, they typically release a spring product and a fall product to correspond with the Holiday Season. So that means you should expect some upgrade on a new iPhone sometime before the Holiday Season. We would expect a faster processor, more camera upgrades (that helps make the iPhone the best smartphone camera every time) and other new features that will sync with their new Apple Watch.

apple watch

Until then we’ll just have to be content with the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. We offer our multiple reviews that rank the iPhone as among the best smartphone camera and the best smartphone for business to help you. Also, we show you many of the benefits you get from the new iPhones, we’re positive that they’ll continue with their market dominance.

So If There’s No iPhone 6s, When Can You Expect One?

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