The Best Smartphone Camera Is The Samsung Note 5

The Best Smartphone Camera For 2015

Not everything is Apple vs Android in the smartphone universe.

Sometimes the debate is between Android devices with Apple on the outside looking in.

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We’ve reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of various smartphones, from operating systems to ranking the best smartphone for business and productivity.  But in this episode, we discuss the strengths and weaknesses between Samsung’s Note 5, the OnePlus Two and the iPhone 6 to debate the top smartphone camera.

What is the best smartphone camera?

best smartphone camera

Between the Samsung Note 5, the OnePlus Two and the iPhone 6, which one do you prefer?

We look at a couple variables in picture quality. The first is detail; are the pictures clear and crisp?  Another is exposure; are the pictures able to be clearly lit, or does overexposure damage the quality. And finally we evaluated the quality of picture from an aesthetic perspective and ease of use.  Do you need to edit the picture, or can it be uploaded and published right away?

Deciding upon the strength of these three factors are what we used to name the best smartphone camera that’s out right now.

In a recent article on TechInsider, they debated the Samsung Note 5 and OnePlus Two.  For those not familiar, the OnePlus Two is a cheap Chinese phone that is taking the Android marketplace by storm.

The Samsung Note 5 Versus The OnePlus Two

The colors and details of the Samsung Note 5 are brighter, but that overexposure does lend itself to being a little annoying.  What they found is that due to the overexposure, fine details are lost, even though the overall picture may be note-worthy.  Colors have a tendency to blur and muddle, so that’s something to consider. The claim is that if you want a picture without any immediate editing, the balance in lighting that the Note 5 offers is your smartphone of choice.

In the OnePlus Two, the camera has a little more dark contrast in the pictures, making them more detailed.  Colors are brighter, the edges of small details are sharper and more clear. Colors and lines are easily seen and as life-like as possible. What this means is that if you are planning on highly detailed pictures that made need some editing and photo-shop skills later on, then the OnePlus Two is a good option for you.

Between the Samsung Note 5 and the OnePlus Two, the nod for best smartphone camera goes to the Samsung Note 5.

The iPhone 6 Versus The Note 5 From Samsung

So now that we’ve compared Android to Android, let’s look at Apple versus Android in our top smartphone camera comparisons.

Truthfully, the iPhone 6 has an uphill climb to claim the top smartphone camera spot from the previously mentioned Android devices. While we prefer the iOS ecosphere to that of the Android phones, our hats are off to the detail that the Android phones offer. We’ve ranked the iPhone 6 as the best smartphone for business, but how does it truly compare to the others with its camera capabilities?

With each upgrade, the Android phones have built on their camera technology while Apple has stood fast on the 8-megapixel camera of older models.  While they haven’t improved the hardware of their camera’s the iPhone 6 does emphasize the software behind the lens.

Compared to the Note 5, details of the iPhone 6 are not as clear.  The major difference is in color.  The iPhone 6 beats the Note 5 easily in crispness of color. But as we said prior, the point of emphasis with the iPhone 6 camera is on the editing side and unless you’re planning on spending a ton of time on editing, it puts the iPhone 6 at a disadvantage.

Our verdict, the best smartphone camera currently is the Samsung Note 5.

No doubt our evaluations will change in the fall with the release of the new iPhone 6s or 7, whatever Apple decides to call it, as well as Samsung’s updates.

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