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Is The HTC One Rated As One Of The Best New Smartphones?


htc one - best new smartphones

The HTC one – a great phone!

This review will focus on the HTC One. We focus on the physical hardware, all its software features and some things we don’t like about it as well. All to help you make an educated decision when you’re looking at all the best new smartphones to purchase.

Dimensions: A 4.7″ inch screen that offers 1080 x 1920 pixels, the HTC One phone has some of the best visuals available! Even in broad daylight, the HTC One screen’s high-resolution makes viewing easy and with limited glare.

Additionally the sleek 9mm aluminum shell makes for an appealing look and stylish housing, providing outstanding ergonomic design, usability and outstanding durability making it one of the best new smartphones. It fits neatly and easily in the palm of your hand, as opposed to many of the larger ‘phablet’ styles out there right now.

Performance: The HTC One operates on the Android OS meaning it’s accessible to the largest APP market in the world today. HTC also upgraded the built-in software to include a renovated simpler minimalist design, giving the HTC One OS a more advanced, serious feel for the user.

They’ve also made it much easier to sync with your computer through their keyVPN – a secure way to work between your phone and computer.

For a usability and design score, the HTC One scores a 4 out of 5 possible points.

But THERE are some problems. Let’s discuss those next.

Battery Life: Not good. If you’re someone always on their phone, you’re going to need to plug-in and recharge multiple times a day. At only 2300mAh, the HTC One takes a while to charge fully and for moderate to heavy use may run out of power by the end of the day.

Memory: Not expandable. The HTC One is built in a solid case aluminum shell and doesn’t come with a port for memory to expand. It’s much like the Apple iPhone brand in this regard, so if you plan on purchasing an HTC One, make sure you get the largest memory available.

Camera: A 4MP camera isn’t going to shock the competitors or win as the smartphone with best camera awards, but it’s fully serviceable. Anything larger would take too much of its memory and make it difficult to use.

From a software and APP aspect, the HTC One gets a 3.5 of 5 making it have a combined score of 7.5 of 10 possible points, making it one of the best new smartphones on the market today!





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