The Apple iPhone Brand Is THE Top Smartphone

Have you ever wondered why the iPhone is the top smartphone on the market today?

Well, we took a long look at everything on the market and found the reason to be that Apple is seamless in their brand that makes it the best out there today.

top smartphone

Apple vs. Competitor’s – Verdict? Apple

From customer service to outstanding price plans and supped-up technology, Apple has it all in each cellphone release.

Having looked at everything from the Samsung Galaxy s5 to the HTC One to Amazon’s Fire Phone and everything in-between, what we’ve discovered is that the top smartphone on the market today belongs to Apple!

So what are the criteria we used to decide that Apple makes the best new smartphones?

Here’s the list of reasons why we make a claim:

1. Apple updates their smartphones less than every couple years with MAJOR improvements. Think about it, in 2012, the iPhone 5 was released and was a major improvement in both size and processor speed from the iPhone 4. In much the same vein, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were both released in 2014.

2. Seamless technology and App integration. Apple produces and installs all the major Apps on their phones and other hardware making them able to sync up quickly and effectively with minimal effort on the user’s part. This seamless integration helps make it simple and easy to set-up, use and save on multiple platforms from Apple.

top smartphone
3. Outstanding customer service is one of Apple’s trademarks. From Apple Care to 24-hour online help and in-store service, Apple makes it as accessible to fix and resolve any problems with their products including their iPhone brand.

So Apple Is A Vertical Company, But How Does That Make The iPhone The Top Smartphone On The Market?


Well, if you’re looking for outstanding deals with incredibly fast processors and high-resolution picture and video options and don’t consider Apple’s iPhone brand, you may as well get the old LG clamshell flip phone.

Look at it this way – Apple makes the newest phones easy to purchase, to take care of and utilize with multiple platforms like your PC, Tablet and phone. Added on top is the competitive pricing that Apple provides the customer. Their top-of-the-line iPhones are priced well below many other competitors and come with a standard 2-year service agreement, which conveniently coincides with the probable new iPhone release.

From price structure to highlighting the newest technological improvements and amazingly simple installation and use, Apple’s iPhone brand is the top smartphone brand on the market and has been for years.

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