The Best Smartphone On The Market This Holiday Season

The iPhone 6s Is The Best Smartphone On The Market This Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, that also means a slew of new consumer electronics being released.  From new phones by OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, Google and Apple – how do you know what is the best smartphone on the market to spend your money on?

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In this review, we’ll discuss the few things that makes us say that the one you should consider to buy is Apple’s new iPhone 6s.

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With a number of color selections, including the new rose gold, actually a shade of pink, is one of the designs to appeal to even more consumers.

Another reason to consider the iPhone 6s as the best smartphone on the market right now is the entire Apple ecosystem.  With native apps like Pages, Numbers and Keynote, as well as iTunes, you can set-up your new iPhone seamlessly with existing Apple devices.  Additionally, the iOS 9 offers some great shortcuts discussed a little later on.

So Why Is The iPhone 6s The Best Smartphone On The Market Right Now?

Some great features of the new iPhone 6s:

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3D Touch: Like their MacBook and Apple Watch devices, Force Touch is included with the new iPhone 6s.  What is 3D Touch? It registers the amount of pressure you apply on the screen to understand what is the “intent” of the touch. In other words, it can realize the pressure you’re applying and why.  For example, you may be able to lightly tap the screen to access an app, the press a little harder to bring up a second table or menu within that app.  Most important would be potential iOS 9 App shortcuts for better ease of use. Other features that touch sensitivity is used for, is determining the speed and agility of playing games.

Camera: With a 12 Mega-Pixel camera, the new iPhone 6s has the capability to be as good or better than even the best DSLR cameras.  And Apple has improved the rear facing camera to 5 MP with Retina flash to make every selfie properly lit, allowing you to take awesome selfies for you to commemorate your most important moments. Additionally, the new iPhone 6s can film video in stunning 4k, the highest definition of any camera currently available. One last thing, the software that directs the camera within the iOS 9 can now make your pictures come to life.  By taking pictures in quick succession before you click the aperture, the iPhone 6s will capture the moments before you take the picture.  By using 3D Touch, you can then make the picture “play” in short sequences, making your pictures into lifelike short videos.

Processor: The most advanced processor and micro-chip, the iPhone 6s is the best smartphone on the market because of the incredibly fast A9 micro-processor.  One of the best features of the new chip is that it dramatically speeds up your LTE and WiFi service, making online search, Internet and streaming, incredibly fast.

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Finally, Sales, Sales, Sales On The iPhone Brand Everywhere! 

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as the remaining holiday shopping season, getting a great price for the new iPhone 6s is incredibly easy.

Whether you’re shopping for the best smartphone for business, a new smartphone for a loved one, or upgrading your current phone, the iPhone 6s should be on everyone’s short list this holiday.

 Get The iPhone 6s At An Incredible Price From Amazon

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