Protect The Best Smartphone On The Market With These Cases

Is Your Smartphone Safe?

You’ve invested time finding the best smartphone on the market, and you’ve plunked down your hard earned cash for it. So why do you leave it vulnerable?

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In the old west and frontier days, farmers had to deal with a number of threats. From disease to famine and drought, natives and predators on every front, times were tough. With wolves lurking on every horizon, what did they do? They built fences around their homes, got guard dogs for their yards, set traps for the wolves and hunted them down.

For every malware and Trojan horse, we develop different security patches and types of code to protect and encrypt our most sensitive data. We place a huge amount of personalized data, from birth dates to Social Security numbers and banking account info on our phones. Really sensitive information that we have to protect and so we buy software that helps keep that information safe.

In other words, we build devices and tools to help secure what’s valuable. We protect what matters most.

So why don’t we do that with our smartphones?

best smartphone on the market


In early 2014, I was sitting around outside. It was a nice, sunny spring day in California, and I was reading, soaking up some vitamin D when I got a call on the landline. I know, what’s a land line you ask? Well for you younger peeps out there, it’s a less-than-smartphone for your home. Anyway, I got up from the chair and dropped my iPhone right onto the concrete.

It landed with a crunchy splat.

Face down.

Ignoring the indoor phone, I bent down and slowly picked up the iPhone. The screen was cracked, shattered actually. It was a mess.

Protect What You Value: The Best Smartphone On The Market Needs A Great Case

It had never occurred to me to get a cover, a case for my phone. It was the best smartphone on the market, so why would I need a case for it, I thought at the time. Why? Because I might drop it, just as I did. Since it was new, I couldn’t trade it in, and I didn’t have the forethought to purchase insurance in case of breakage.

Man, was I an idiot. Out of pocket, it cost me the price of a new iPhone to replace it.

So that’s why I use OtterBox cases. Not only does OtterBox make some of the best, most reliable cases on the market they also offer great savings.

And they allow you to customize your cases to add a little flare to your phone. Whether you’re a sports fan, cooking enthusiast or any other hobby, OtterBox will let you customize your case.

And with free 2-day shipping on orders of $50 or more, you can get one, two or as many cases as you need.

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You spent the time and money on what you felt to be the best smartphone on the market, why would you risk damaging it by not having a top of the line case to protect it? With OtterBox, you get personalized cases that are some of the best out there, giving you peace of mind on one of your most prized possessions. 300x250 Free Shipping


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