Let’s Talk About The Amazon Fire Phone

Let’s Take A Look At The Amazon Fire Phone

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Amazon’s New Smartphone


There are a number of resources on the market regarding the recent phone released by Amazon, and we take a look at the reviews and features to help you decide on your next smartphone purchase.

This amazon smartphone review will look at some of the key features and benefits associated with the new smartphone.

First we look at a couple reviews, from a short one by Cnet to a longer kindle book review from James J Burton.

All-in-all there are three categories we want to identify with this amazon smartphone review and rank them 1-3 points for each category in 3 separate categories:

1) Good Qualities

2) Poor Qualities

3) Pricing

The Best Qualities Of The Amazon Fire Phone

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Dynamic Perspective Of The Amazon Smartphone

  1. Patented Dynamic Perspective technology gives every video, game and picture stunning 3-D views. By a quick swivel or tilt of the screen, the user can access their Apps, Mayday and other Settings.
  2. The new Amazon smartphone incorporates Firefly technology to help you identify popular brands, movies, songs and various assorted products. Firefly identifies everything in the picture to make one-click shopping easy!
  3. Mayday service at the touch of a button – any service issues you may have are immediately reconcilable at the touch of a button with 24-hour, 7-day a week help!
  4. 1-year of Amazon Prime included with any purchase of a new Fire Phone.
  5. Priced at $0.99 is an absolute STEAL! For 99 cents and a two-year service agreement you can get a new smartphone loaded with all the Apps of the android market, a 1-year Amazon Prime membership as well as special features only offered through Amazon!
fire phone

built in apps and favorite apps for download on the new Fire Phone by Amazon


The Less Than Impressive Aspects Of The Amazon Fire Phone

With all the major add-ons we’ve already highlighted, the truth is, the Amazon smartphone really is just an average smartphone. Its one major technological advancement over the competitors is the Firefly that keeps the buyer locked into all things Amazon. While Firefly may identify all the brands and products in a picture or video the one-stop shopping linked with the Amazon store. For people that want convenience its a plus, but for anyone looking to cross-compare, it’s kind-of a dud.

However, All That Being Said The Amazon Smartphone IS Worth It

There are some good features that make the phone worth a look, and though it will be locked into the Amazon store, the price alone makes it a deal.

Priced at 99 cents, and a 2-year service agreement with AT&T makes the new phone one you should consider. Plus when you consider you get a 1-year membership with Amazon Prime, the phone pays itself off and then some.

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, we recommend the Amazon phone. With some incredible features packaged with an amazing price point. We recommend the new Fire Phone by Amazon. Act now before Amazon realizes the mistake they’re making by giving the phone away. Once they do, know for sure that the price and features will change.

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