How Apple vs Android Is Already Decided

Apple vs Android – The Battle Continues


With the iPhone 7 being rumored to be no the horizon, Samsung needs to find a way to stem the rising tide of bad news regarding their smartphone platform.

They’re already losing ground in the consumer market, as the best smartphone for business productivity they’re about even with the iPhone and for camera technology?

They’re good, but a long way off from being great and the battle that is Apple vs Android is just beginning.


apple vs android

Doh! Samsung Accidentally Spills The Beans On Their Next Phone

Samsung accidentally released details about its next launch, the Samsung Galaxy Active.  While the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Edge are some of the better phones available right now, with the rumor of the iPhone 7 (or iPhone 6s) on the horizon, Samsung needs to regain some of its mojo.

In the battle between Apple vs Android platforms, the rumors of a new iPhone is sure to be a game changer.

So – here comes the Galaxy Active – a smartphone for the active user, one not a little afraid of getting dirty.

Built to be a little more sturdy than the Galaxy S6 or Edge, the main focus of the Active is a sturdier frame, one built to take a few spills and possibly get a little wet.

One main deletion? The fingerprint sensor that’s on both the Galaxy S6 and Edge.

This is probably to make the base of the phone a little more sturdy and durable than the sensitive fingerprint technology. If you’re looking for the best smartphone for business productivity, this future Samsung model isn’t for you – unless you live an active, extreme lifestyle of always being on the run in difficult terrain.

apple vs android

You Won’t Believe Who Voted For The Best Smartphone


In a recent video, the debate between Apple vs Android was shot and the results are clear.  The next generation of smartphone users are clearly in favor of Apple and the iconic iPhone over anything that Samsung and the Android platform has to offer them.

Why does this matter to you? Well, if Apple is already slicing into the market share of Android, and even previous Android adopters are beginning to switch to iPhones, having the next generation of smartphone purchasers clearly favoring one over the other is an ominous sign for Android.

We can only imagine the kids interest in an iPhone 7 if, and when, it gets released.  It will have major upgrades from the iPhone 6 and should continue the intuitive use and aesthetic designs that are the hallmarks of Apple’s phones.

If these trends continue, the Apple vs Android war could end swiftly and mercilessly for the Android platform and their users.


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