How To Spot The Best Smartphone For Business Operations

How The iPhone 6 Dominates The Competition

As we’ve written many times, the iPhone 6’s rating as the best smartphone for business is informed by practical features that make your time more valuable.With the ever evolving demands of modern business environments, there are numerous things that require our attention.

best smartphone for businessFrom budget reports, sales sheets, email and more, the winner in the consumer electronic field is the one that is both the most efficient and convenient.

The iPhone 6 from Apple provides these efficient and numerous features needed to make your business flow effortlessly.   As mentioned previously, all the new release offers advanced security features, speed as well as efficiency that are necessary for productivity.

The greatest strength of the iPhone 6 is the sleek, classy appearance.

A bigger screen allows you to do more without the hustle of zooming in and out. In other words you save time maximizing and minimizing the images, and with minimal eye-strain.  The screen comes with incredible resolution as well as bright and realistic color display. These features make every email, spreadsheet, file or image appear with no pixilation or distorted images. With Apple’s reachability mode, the iPhone 6 is incredibly easy to operate with a single thumb from edge to edge.

Despite the larger than normal screen, the phone fits perfectly into your arms and pocket.

The rounded edge and modern-smooth aluminum feel make it really pleasurable to touch. It feels comfortable in your hands under all circumstances making it the perfect return for its price.

iOS 8 Is Due For An Upgrade, And So Is The Best Smartphone For Business!iphone 6

The iPhone 6 currently operates on the highly advanced iOS 8 and all its highly advanced capabilities. From amazingly fast processors to the ability to install third party keyboards, the iOS 8 is up for a major overhaul to iOS 9 in the Fall of 2015.  The value that accessibility of third-party keyboard apps allows you to install a typing app that meets your needs. It will expand your potential by providing different languages, access to numbers and swipe based typing.

The security challenges and concerns that have surrounded the use of fingerprint scanners with other phones slowed the integration into the Apple ecosystem. The solution was Apple’s Touch ID that memorizes a fingerprint and is positioned as part of home button functions. To activate it,  you only need to press the home button to turn the phone on. This is a guarantee that your phone will remain locked when not in use and impossible to unlock with a password hack.

The security that comes with using the Touch ID places it among the top smartphones for executives. When deciding on the best smartphone for business, we thought security would be a priority in any ranking. By matching the unique patterns of an individual fingerprint makes the iPhone all but impenetrable. While traditional fingerprint ID features have reported failures that may compromise operations, the innovative Touch ID is fast and easy to use including when purchasing Apps at the App Store.

A new layer of security is added to individual apps through the use of iOS 8 and will only be heightened with the release of iOS 9. One of the most beneficial uses of such a feature would be to secure personal information like financial expenditure that is tracked through apps like Mint. These added layers of security means that your sensitive personal data will not be compromised in any way.

Every phone user knows that a smartphone is only as good as the battery life.  And for the business person, battery life is critical to your success. The iPhone 6 is designed with close to eight hours of continuous surfing over 4G network. This means that continues users will run a whole work day on a single charge and people that use the phone on and off users have a longer battery life to complete the day.

All of these features help you meet your business needs.  That’s the main reason that the iPhone 6 is the most ideal gadget and why we claim it to be the best smartphone for business.  All your documents, text, photo and video images are clear, bright and colorful.

From the sleek design, sharp and colorful display as well as a wide screen, you can get, access and change all your needs in one smartphone. An already impressive iOS 8 operating system that is going to be upgraded to an even better operating system guarantees quick and zippy performance over the possibility of multitasking.

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