Is The iPhone 6 Doomed Or Will It Be One Of The Best New Smartphones

Will The iPhone 6 Bomb Or Will It Be Rank # 1 Of The Best New Smartphones?

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Is This The iPhone 6? And How Will It Rate Among The Best New Smartphones?

It hasn’t been an ideal pre-launch for the anticipated iPhone 6.

From news of the iCloud hack that stole celebrity nude pictures and posted them online, to an analysis for the launch of the iPhone 6 being less than stellar, it’s been less than ideal for Apple.

To say it again, it’s been a bad news cycle for Apple and the iPhone 6.

How Will The iPhone 6 Be Ranked As 1 Of The Best New Smartphones?

To put it simply, never bet against Apple.

They’ve proven time and again to overcome any glitches that may come about and they shouldn’t be counted out now.

Apple has a proven track record of building a great community that identifies with their brand and that alone is one of their greatest selling assets.

Think about it.  Back in 1999 they weren’t even close to being the first smartphone on the market.

The first iPhone wasn’t released until 8 years later in 2007.

But they DOMINATED the market and haven’t really lost a lot of ground since.  In other words, they typically rank as the one of the best new smartphones every time.

So to answer the question, Apple does what Apple does and their customers are loyal enough to make it happen.

So Will The iPhone 6 Be One Of The Best New Smartphones?

If history repeats itself, then yes.

There are a number of review sites leaking news about the size, shape and features of the new iPhone including the price structure that may be assigned to the new iPhone.

All these things make us believe that the new iPhone 6 is going to be something dominant.  And that alone makes the iPhone 6 one of the best new smartphones on the market today.

From reported improvements with touch id system and touch finger payment system that uses NFC technology, to a larger screen and faster A8 processor – it’s going to be hard to hold the new iPhone down.

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