The iPhone 7: Best Smartphone For Business Is About To Get Better

Will it be the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7? Is Apple About To Unveil It In The Latest Smartphone News


iphone 7

The best smartphone for business may be about to get a major improvement.

In a recent article on MacWorld UK, they claim that one of the primary providers for the iPhone line by Apple is revealing that there could be some news this fall.

(You can read the whole MacWorld UK article here)

The rumors are that Apple will release a new iPhone sometime in August or September, which would be a departure from their traditional launch date of October.

Well respected KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple will forego the 6c or 6s designation and proceed to a more advanced iPhone 7. Personally we’re not sure about this strategy, as Apple is known to release major upgrades of their iPhones on an 18-24 month rotation and the autumn of 2015 would be a departure from that marketing strategy.

What we think will happen is that the major upgrades will be included in the new phone while some will be held out until the following year, possibly early 2016.

Typically Apple will release a phone or device in September and deliver them in October of the same year. The constant tweaking and redesigning that Apple puts their devices through is one of the reasons they’ve created one of the greatest brands in the world.

And their primary vehicle that drives their brand is the iPhone, and Apple has once again built the best smartphone for business in the world. Aside from the question of what to call it, anything from the iPhone 6s, 6c, or iPhone 7 are possible, there are some serious upgrades being discussed.

Some of the latest smartphone news, upgrades and improvements rumored to be coming soon:


  • A new iOS 9 that improves coordination between devices improves potential security flaws, camera performance, and the inclusion of Force Touch – the intuitive one finger command already featured on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro versions.


  • Other rumored improvements are a dual-lens camera to make the upgrade comparable to DSLR technology. In typical Apple fashion, this is one rumor that makes the most sense since Apple prides their camera function as the best around. If true, this elevates Apple from one of the best smartphone cameras to the absolute champion.


  • Improved battery life: Probably not going to happen according to Jony Ivy. The design guru at Apple has been on the record that major battery upgrades aren’t as important the sacrifices needed to see them incorporated. That means that Apple’s battery technology will remain, most likely, the same as it’s been – just good enough.


  • Curved Screen: This one is intriguing – with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Edge and their curved screen, Apple may just swipe the design element that separates the competitors.


  • Higher Screen Resolution: Very probably one thing they’ll improve upon in their next iPhone. Much like taking the curved screen, or fingerprint security that Apple incorporated in the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus this is one area that makes sense. Even though Apple claims that the Retina display in their iPhone 6 is as good as the human eye, there’s always room for improvement.


Regardless of what improvements are in the pipeline, one thing for certain is that Apple will continue to make the best smartphone for business. And whether they bypass the iPhone 6s designation and jump straight to the iPhone 7, either way it’ll be an incredible phone.


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