How Apple vs Android Is Best For You As A Consumer

The Apple vs Android Debate Rages On

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apple vs androidOn September 9, 2015 Apple is poised to release information about it’s new devices.

This will only add fuel to the fire that is the Apple vs Android devices skirmish, and surely you, the consumer, will benefit.

Once Apple makes their play, Samsung, among other manufacturers will surely counter and that completion has lead to some incredibly fast devices at lower prices.

With the holiday shopping season upon us, that means there will be an influx of the best new smartphones, from Apple, Samsung, HTC and more.


Here’s What We Do Know About The New iPhones

What’s known is that there will be an upgrade on their operating system to iOS 9.  With a special eye on the esthetics, the iOS 9 will have enhanced security features, faster processor speed and improved App service.

What we don’t know is what hardware is on the horizon.  In typical Apple fashion, they release a smartphone followed by an upgrade a year later.  That means the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is most likely going to become the iPhone 6S and possibly, the iPhone 6S Plus. There may also be upgrades on the Apple Watch or other devices.

What’s been rumored is a couple high-end hardware improvements.  Whether true or not, among all the rumors, these are the ones that make the most sense.  Why? Based on Apple’s standard operating procedures, they follow a major device line-up with smaller, incremental changes the following year.

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Here are the three most likely additions, changes and upgrades:

Force Touch: Like their MacBook and Apple Watch devices, Force Touch may be included on the new upgrades.  What Force Touch does, in effect, is registers the level of pressure by the user to understand the “intent” of the touch. This touch sensitivity is used for the speed and agility of playing games, as well as dropping pins on a map.  Most important would be potential iOS 9 App shortcuts for better ease of use.  For quick, easier use, force touch may help build upon Apple being the best smartphone for business, but it may prove to be nothing much.

Home Button: As mentioned above, one of the things that Apple is rumored on improving upon is the Force Touch. The reason for this may be to eliminate the Home Button altogether.  An improved Force Touch may eventually take over for the Home Button features such as Finger Print technology, Apple Pay and other iOS shortcuts. The reason Apple may be interested in deleting the home button? To improve battery life for one; making the iPhone brand smaller, which would make it the thinnest smartphone on the market today.

Camera: A rumored 12 mega-pixel front-facing camera for better “selfies”.  The increased pixels on the front facing camera, while a major upgrade not he current camera on an Apple device, still isn’t as great as those installed on other Android devices such as the OnePlus Two and the Samsung Note 5. This will keep the iPhone in the discussion for the best smartphone camera, but won’t be enough to upend the rankings of all the top smartphones. What will separate the camera on the new iPhone and that of its competitors is the software behind the camera that will be part of the new iOS 9. Edge in the Apple vs Android war: the Android devices.

Device Size, Shape: Rumors about “leaked” components and supplier materials hints that the new iPhones will come in a variety of colors, much like the iPhone 5s release, but they don’t seem to be in plastic casings like the 5c or a different size then the current iPhone 6 models.  This may be good on a personalization level, but hardly a major factor in purchase. This is more of a gimmick in the short term, catering to the casual cell phone user and not some one interested in state of the art technology.  In our opinion, this marketing trick cheapens the iPhone brand and the real winner in the Apple vs Android battle is clearly the Android users.

For sure there will be a huge groundswell of rumors in the next couple of weeks, but one thing we do know about Apple, they know how to get our attention.

In the meantime, everything we read and hear is mere speculation until the September 9 event.

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