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Psst…Have You Heard What’s Happening With The Latest Smartphone News?

 latest smartphone news

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Ah, fall. The time of year when the season’s change, there’s a crispness once again in the air as birds flock south and the trees change color.

And that also means that the holidays are coming. There are lists upon lists to review and consider before purchasing a new smartphone and with the holidays they come with new toys, new technologies and new deals.

That’s right, the holiday’s have some of the best deals around and with all the upcoming smartphones, now’s the best time to compare, shop and save!

When Does A Victory Seem Like A Defeat?

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus have exceeded expectations. Once released, the new iPhones immediately sold 4 million new units, outpacing Apple and their supplier to meet demand. Larger screen sizes, better software and improved video is what makes these new phones some of the top smartphone cameras available. While not exactly shocking, it is relevant to mention when bringing you up to speed in all the latest smartphone news.

What it means is that the immense popularity of the new iPhones could potentially come back to haunt Apple. If the demand continues to outpace supply, people looking for a new smartphone may turn their attention to any of the many other upcoming smartphone options.

While Apple may have stumbled with their expected supply and demand, where they really messed up on their release of the new iOS 8. Perhaps jumping the gun, Apple released their new iOS 8 and was quick to realize that the Operating System came with plenty of bugs and glitches. In another quirk, Apple rushed a patch and upgrade to their brand new release only to see that be more problematic and had to immediately re-track that update.

A week or so later Apple released iOS 8.2 with the hopes that it would shore up the problems of the new OS. This should help the problems that have occurred, but in light of the recent iCloud hack and their upcoming Apple Pay system, it’s hard to think of a time when a victory was so shrouded in smaller defeats to shake confidence in such an iconic brand.

Other Smartphone Rumors

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 scheduled for an October 2014 release, the amazing resolution will knock your socks off. With a built in 2560 x 1440 super AMOLED high-resolution screen, the Galaxy Note 4 is the best video screen of everything we’ve read about from the latest smartphone news and rumors. This makes the Galaxy Note 4 one of the top smartphone cameras around right now.  The only problem with the amazing Note 4 may be it’s antiquated stylus pen that detracts from the beauty of the design and function of the new Galaxy line of smartphones.

Continuing with the smartphone rumors, Google is expected to release their new phone to correspond with the much-expected Android OS update, the Android ‘L’..

latest smartphone news

From Kit Kat to ‘L’ – the Android OS in latest smartphone news

With the most Apps available in the world, the Android OS update should be everything that Android lovers want and then some.

One of the key features we’ve heard about is that this new Google phone is expected to have the largest screen of any phone on the market, measuring at an incredible 6 inches. This large screen is sure to have one of the top smartphone cameras on the market as well. The only question is when is the release of the Google phone, most likely in the Nexus brand, and can you wait to see it before you want to make your purchase?

So With All These New Phones Flooding The Market, What Does This All Mean? Sales, Deals and Price Breaks Are Coming!

Just like the calendar predicts weather changes, all the latest smartphone news means that there will be some incredible deals on current and future smartphones. Holiday shopping has the biggest sales of the year, especially on electronics so you know you can expect a number of online deals and if you know how and where to look, you may get a great new smartphone at a price that is best described as a steal.

And with all these new smartphone releases, come the winter holiday shopping season (or summer time for those of you in the southern hemisphere) you’ll be able to find some incredible online deals.

We’ve already seen outstanding trade-in deals on the new iPhones, from Verizon and t mobile to Amazon and eBay; there are some incredible offers for you to take advantage of when trading in your older version iPhones.
Currently there are some incredible deals such as this one from Boost Mobile:
Get $55 off Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus a $50 Account Credit For New Customers For a Limited Time Only with Promo Code GS510CJ55 at!

So expect more of the same, from last minute ‘lightning’ deals to service price breaks and trade-in options, now is the time to buy your new smartphone.

From everything we’ve seen around the web, from Business Insider, to Cnet and Wired, there are some awesome things on the horizon in the latest smartphone news.

And as we’ve mentioned, with all the new smartphones on the market, there will be some incredible deals around the holidays. That is, if you can wait that long for your new phone.

Its fall and as the weather changes we know that the holidays are just around the corner. Get all the latest smartphone news now so that you know when and where to look for the best holiday deals for a new phone. What you don’t know will cost you money, and we look at a number of articles and resources to help you decide what smartphone is the best one for your needs.

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