Here’s How To Save On Top Smartphones

Here’s How To Save Money On Any Of The Top Smartphones


Any discussion on the top smartphones should include a debate about what makes each cell phone unique. From screen size to operating system, what is it about the smartphone that separates it from all the others on the market today?

top smartphones

From Apple to Samsung, Google and more, knowing the primary differences of these top smartphones will help you make a more informed decision, and an informed buyer is usually one that saves money.


We believe that there are a few things you need to consider when you’re shopping for your next cell phone, and we list these below. All of the retailers do a great job highlighting their new phones in the store, and if you go into the shop without knowing what you want, you may end up making an impulse buy. Buying on impulse will cost you more, so be informed by knowing these following tips, and you’ll save big.

top smartphones

Our 3 Tips To Save You Money On All The Top Smartphones

1. Know what type of smartphone you want. Do you want a small, compact smartphone or one of the newer large-screen phones? Big is in these days, and Apple, Google, and Samsung are some of the leaders in the new, large screen phones. From the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, to the Google Nexus 6 and the Samsung line of large phones with their Galaxy brand, you can have a ‘phablet’ style phone.


If you don’t need a brand spanking new phone but want a great one, you can look at purchasing an older model for a discounted price. As newer and newer phones come out, manufacturers look to unload their existing inventory and will offer a great price on their older models. Many times the newer phones are mere upgrades from existing models, and you can get an older version, save money and still get a great phone. Also take into consideration what you want your phone to be constructed from. Some come with plastic ergonomic bodies and others are constructed from sleek aluminum casings. So knowing the type of phone you want will help save you money.


2. What type of data plan and service do you want with your new phone? All of the top smartphones come offered with a standard two-year service agreement which helps subsidize the cost of the phone. But if you don’t mind paying a little more upfront, you can get one of the best new smartphones unlocked from a service provider. This contract-free phone allows you to get that new phone and pay as you go or prepay for your data plan. These are great options for people that may need flexibility with their data plans or lack the ability to secure a contract.



When you compare smartphones, decide on a locked or unlocked phone to find a great deal.  For example an iPhone 6 can come locked or unlocked, and both are offered at different prices:

Apple iPhone 6, Space Gray, 16 GB (Unlocked)

Apple iPhone 6, Space Gray, 64 GB (Verizon)

3. What type of software do you want and need with your new smartphone? This is usually the type of operating system these top smartphones will run on. For example, Apple makes their iOS, and that helps their devices sync easily and seamlessly. Google runs on Android, as does Samsung and that allows their users to access the Android App market which happens to be the largest in the world. One caveat, larger doesn’t guarantee better though. By allowing more developers into their marketplace, Android makes it also guaranteed that not all of the Apps will be of good quality. It’s a numbers game, and more volume of something doesn’t mean better quality, it just means more options.


If you’re looking for a new phone, if you don’t know what you want it could end up costing you money. By focusing on these 3 simple tips, you’ll find deals on top smartphones and ones that you’ll love. Shop for a new smartphone by knowing the size and materials you’d like your phone constructed from, as well as the operating software and service plan to help you find the right phone at the right price.

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