Here’s How To Save Money On The Best Smartphone Camera This Holiday Season

Find Holiday Deals On All Apple Vs Samsung Phones

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If you’re searching for gifts this holiday season, there’re a ton of options for you to consider. And if you’re looking for consumer electronics or wondering about the best smartphone camera for your loved ones, knowing what’s out there can save you money. The day after Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Black Friday and there will be some incredible savings if you know where to look for black Friday phone deals.


With al of the releases by Apple and their new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones, as well as the release of Samsung’s Note 4, there’s a lot to choose from this holiday season. And knowing what to look for and where to look can be the difference in getting a great phone or paying too much.


Apple Vs Samsung Phones For Best Smartphone Camera Options


Having released its new brand of iPhones, Apple underestimated the interest of their iPhone 6 and the bigger ‘phablet’ style iPhone 6 Plus. The first day of release saw over 4,000,000 smartphones sold, and created a huge backlog. Because of this that the demand crashed Apple’s projections and ability to generate a different line in the time, resulting in a backup of demand over a month long. In other words, the demand was greater than their supply and created back orders for their new phones. From technical details to features, the iPhones belong on any report that would include a best smartphone camera list.


apple vs samsung phones

Previous reports claim that the prior launch of a new iPhone was 2 million units in 2013 for the iPhone 5s and 5c. Business Insider reported that the supplier for your iPhone had over 200,000 people engaged on the new phones and could not keep up. Apple has proved that their phones are so popular that the demand will enhance the market for new phones. This increase in the hot-button interest of new phones will encourage other manufacturers to match the sales and deals provided by Apple. And with an increase in interest as well as existing stock of older model iPhones, there is bound to be some great holiday deals.


By knowing what you want and how much you’re willing to pay, you should be able to find some incredible black Friday phone deals. From Amazon to Alibaba and others, there are some incredible ways to save money online if you spend a little time researching. And we offer a number of reviews for all the smartphones available today.


In other smartphone news, Samsung announced the launch of their new smartphone the Note 4. This new phablet is the largest cell phone on the market and could be a game changer in the long run. The trend to be more mobile in computing and the improved performance and power of smartphones means that Samsung may be setting the standard about future cell phones.


As Apple released their new iPhones, Samsung was not to be outshined. Having already released their Galaxy s5, the Note 4 by Samsung promises the highest-resolution existing and ranks on our list of best smartphone camera featured. In previous reviews, we’ve highlighted all the features of the Note 4, as well as the Galaxy s5 and you can read them here.


So if you’re looking for a great new camera phone this holiday season, there’s going to be some great deals.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes featured with a 5.7” screen and 16-megapixel (551ppi) camera that happen to make our list of best smartphone cameras. Utilizing a resolution of 2560×1440, the Note 4 is flawless with its video appeal.


Another Best Smartphone Camera To Consider This Holiday Season


Trying to muscle into the Apple vs Samsung phones debate, is the HTC One M8. Not to be neglected, The HTC One M8 may be flying under the radar of current smartphone news, but it’s one to take a look at this Holiday shopping season. In short, the HTC One M8 phone has taken the smooth HTC One produced it a lot better.

htc one m8

With a 5.0” display and thin body, the HTC One M8 smartphone fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. Its ergonomic design and sleek shape make it very simple to use and access. Some of the top features include a quad-core processor that runs the KitKat Android OS, along with dual speakers for outstanding sound production.


And while it’s not Apple or Samsung, the HTC One M8 is judged as a great new phone. In previous reports, we mentioned why it belongs on our list of best smartphone camera, and you can check that out here. One noticeable hitch makes this phone a little less than stellar is its battery. The battery life isn’t as great as most the newer phones and it this glitch is enough to keep the HTC One M8 out of any debate for the top smartphone on the market. However, if you can ignore this fact and you want an unbelievable easy and fast to use smartphone, one that is on our list for best smartphone cameras, the HTC One M8 is a superb deal.


In The Apple Vs Samsung Debate, The Winner Is The Consumer


Whether you’re looking for a new phone this winter or looking at gift ideas for family, there are some incredible deals you can find. In the debate over Apple vs Samsung phones, the clear winner is going to be a consumer. As more and more people rush to holiday shopping deals, which means each manufacturer will be competition to lower their prices. From software upgrades to technical improvements, the volume of new phones on the market means that there are some incredible deals this holiday shopping season. If you spend a little time researching your options, you should be able to find some incredible black Friday phone deals online.


When time and money being so limited this holiday season, the consumer will have some incredible options in front of them. Know what to look for with your new phone, and you should be able to save a ton of money on any of the phones we rank on our best smartphone camera list.

If you want more tips, reviews and suggestions on products and services to save you money on your next smartphone, check out our RESOURCES page for daily deals and more!


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