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How To Save On The Top Smartphones

Now that the holiday season has started, how do you save money on the top smartphones?  Especially if you missed the boat on the huge deals that came with Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Well it’s not as hard as you may think.

best new smartphones 2014

From iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus to all the new smartphones in the Samsung ‘Galaxy’ line, to Google Nexus 6 and the LG G3, there are plenty of ways to get great prices for a new phone.

We’ve talked at length about the top smartphones and listed our best smartphone camera rankings in previous posts.  Check out our blog for a wealth of reviews and ways to find great deals on all the best new smartphones.

But if you already know what type of phone you want and are just interested in saving money, well we discuss that throughout our blog and If interested, you should one article in particular at  3-tips-can-save-you-money-on-the-top-smartphone-cameras.

In the mentioned article, we point out some important tips that you can use to find a great deal.  These may not be the usual deals or ways to save money, and we hope that they’ll help you when you’re shopping for your next new phone.

In other words, we detail some over looked aspects to consider and these alone will save you money. Take the time to do a little research and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll discover. That’s the process we take to find deals and lists for our best smartphone camera rankings.

A little elbow grease can go a long way!

For example, we look at things like purchasing refurbished phones from an online 3rd party retailer like Amazon to shopping directly with the manufacturer.

top smartphones

These are some really easy ways to save if you know where to find these deals.

If you’re looking at all the top smartphones available perhaps consider purchasing the phone through a service provider and you’ll be able to select from all the best new smartphones cheaper. There are an unlimited way to find sale prices on a new phone and we have listed some of the more overlooked and easier ways to save.

Our philosophy is that while we all need a smartphone, we shouldn’t have to pay more for one. So we focus our attention on different ways to find a deal on all the top smartphones on the market today to help you decide the right one.  Especially this holiday shopping season, when you’re already stressed out with family, gifts and money, don’t pay more than you have to.


The best way to save is to do a little research.  If you don’t have time to look around only, find an organization that is willing to summarize that information for you into small, digestible bites. There are countless resources, from Apple to Google Play store, Business Insider and Tech Crunch among others.

So if you’re interested in all the best new smartphones or in our best camera smartphone rankings, continue to our blog or check out these articles from our data base of all the top smartphones on the market.




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