How To Find The Best Smartphone On The Market

Here’s How To Find The Best Smartphone On The Market Right Now

We’ve written extensively about the best new smartphones, the best smartphone camera, as well as ranking the top smartphones and brought you the latest smartphone news. We’ve given you tips and suggestions to save you time and money for your next phone. And now we’re about to start a series about the best smartphone on the market.


Before we begin, you’re probably wondering about how we’re going to chose which phone is the best one. For starters, we evaluated the most obvious trait, the cost for a new phone. Additionally we looked at and evaluated the physical makeup of the phone, what that means is what makes the body and hardware to help with our rankings. Another factor in our decision is that we look at which smartphone has the best camera in our evaluation as well. Finally, we evaluated what makes the phone tick, what is its software and Operating System.

best smartphone on the market

What does that all mean for you? In evaluations, there are two main degrees: Objective and Subjective. Our opinion is subjective but we try to focus on the objective strengths about our product review.


The Strength Of Evaluation

Before we begin our discussion of the best smartphone on the market, you need to understand that to evaluate something objectively is to look at its strengths, its physical makeup and its weakness without bias. For example, the 100 Meter sprint in track and field is an outcome on an objective scale. You have a winner and a loser. There is a time standard that cannot be skewed or evaluated other than fastest time wins.


Subjective evaluations have a little more bias involved. These types of evaluations are like ice-skating competitions. They are judged upon their technical merit and aesthetics to come to a standard score. It’s what the judges like about the performance as much as the performance itself. What are the aspects that you like about the phone, how about the brand and its operating software? These would be aspects of the evaluation of a subjective degree.


You can agree or disagree with us, and that’s the point. We’re providing an evaluation that is subjective, but one that also focuses upon the objective to help you decide if you agree with us or not.


Cost: An unlocked phone gives you the freedom to move around between various service providers, but for an unlocked phone you’re going to pay more. For the purpose of our discussion here, we’ll focus on the cost for a phone that comes subsidized with a standard two-year service option from providers like Verizon and Sprint.


A standard two-year contract helps get you the best smartphone on the market right now much cheaper than otherwise. For example, the iPhone 6 with a standard contract will start at $199 while it will cost you over $600 without a contract.


In essence, spend more for flexibility, sign a contract and be locked into one but get a huge price break on a new phone.


Hardware: This is the body, guts and brains for your new phone. If you prefer larger screens than you’re living in the golden age of smartphones. Do you prefer dimpled plastic cases that stick in your hand, then the Samsung Galaxy is perfect for you. Or do you prefer the sleek aluminum shell that comes with all of Apple’s phones? There’re so many outstanding phones available that to name one the best smartphone on the market right now is a subjective call.


Another important feature that you need to consider is the camera. We’ve reviewed all of them and decided upon the best smartphone camera in this review, but if you’re undecided, knowing what you may use the camera features will help you decide on your smartphone.


Software: Android is a great platform and marketplace for all their Apps, while Apple has their software system integrate seamlessly with other Apple devices. If you’re into a specific brand like Apple, then getting a smartphone that integrates smoothly like with Apple makes sense. If you don’t need a lot of interaction between devices and want access to the world’s largest App marketplace, then Android is the best option for you.


Like most things in life, there’s some subjectivity to deciding the best smartphone on the market right now. If you want an unlocked phone that is made of dimpled plastic to mold into your hand and have access to all the Apps available in the world, then an Android phone is your best bet. If you want a secure data plan with a solid constructed body and state-of-the-art Apps than an iPhone is the one for you.


In the end, it’s about preference. For price, design, and utility we call the iPhone 6 the best smartphone you can find right now.


What do you think?


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