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Our Top Smartphone Cameras Review

We’ve offered a number of tips and suggestions to help you save money on any of the best new smartphones in this previous report. This review will focus on the best smartphone camera available today.  We know that with so many new phones on the market today, it can be difficult to find the right one.

From screen size to battery life, from service and Operating Systems, there is just so much to consider. And knowing what to consider is important to find the right one.

Before you plunk down a bunch of your hard earned cash on a new phone, you need to factor a few things. We’ve reviewed a number of the best new smartphones on the market for you, and one of our best reports focused on the best smartphone camera.

This review will go a little more in-depth of the top smartphone cameras and options available to help you find the right deal on a cheap phone. From all the major brands, Apple, Samsung, HTC and Google, we look at one of the most important elements in deciding which smartphone to purchase. The focus is on the one feature you want, so we focused on the type of camera options that come with the phone, as well as its video and image quality.

By knowing what you’re looking for with each type of smartphone,  you’ll be able to find a cheap phone deal that’ll fit your wallet as well as your phone needs.

The Best Smartphone Camera Reviews:


the best smartphone camera

Our Comparison Of The Best Smartphone Camera

Our Comparison Of The Best Smartphone Camera Phones:

The iPhone Brand: From Apple comes the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Boasting much larger screens these two new phones are a divergence from the traditional iPhone brand. Additionally, these new iPhones make the Apple brand one of the top smartphone cameras on the market.

These two new phones also offer different camera ratios, and we discuss those further:

1. The iPhone 6 comes loaded with an 8-megapixel camera, a dual LED flash and a 1750 x 1,334 resolution (321 ppi) Retina display, which is Apple’s word for a high-resolution display. When considered with other smartphones, what sets the iPhone 6 apart is its best feature is the ability to capture video at 1080p in stunning high-def.

2. The iPhone 6 Plus is positioned as a direct competitor to the Samsung Galaxy s5. With the largest screen of any iPhone at 5.5”, the iPhone 6 Plus straddles the line between smartphone and tablet. With its own version of Retina display, this entry for the best smartphone camera has a high-definition resolution of 1920 x 1080 display. Also, this super iPhone and its 8-megapixel iSight, Apple’s term for a high-def camera is top-notch.

Samsung makes the other major player that we consider of the best new smartphones as displayed by the outstanding Galaxy s5 and Galaxy Note 4.

Both of these models, the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy s5 are poised to take on a much larger market-share and compete directly with Apple’s new iPhones.

1. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with an incredibly large 5.7” display for all your video watching. Boasting an incredible 16-megapixel camera that packs a 551ppi pixel density, this has the potential to be an incredible camera phone. The screen resolution is a stunning 2560 x 1440 definition making the Galaxy Note 4 your best options for video watching on the go. It is only slightly larger than the iPhone 6 Plus, but the video resolution beats the ability of its competitor.

2. The Samsung Galaxy s5 has a resolution of 432ppi with at 1080 x 1920 making this one of the best new smartphones for image quality. Its 16-megapixel camera and LED flash make the s5 competitive with the other smartphones we’ve reviewed.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one smartphone than you can’t go wrong with either the iPhone brand or Samsung’s new phones. It comes down to the size of the phone you’d like and what operating software you’re most comfortable.

Other notable phones to consider if you’re looking for the best smartphone camera should also examine the HTC One M8 and Google’s new Nexus 6.

• The HTC One M8 offers some unique features with its camera options. There are a number of prominent strengths to consider starting with its ability to auto-focus a picture after the picture is taken. Another feature to consider is the ability to change the focus of the picture from an item in the foreground or background. And finally, the HTC One M 8 comes with larger pixels to help sharpen the brightness to enhance your pictures during low-light situations.

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HTC One M8, One of the best smartphone camera

• The Google Nexus 6 has a built-in resolution of dynamic 1440 x 2560 (462ppi) to make this huge screen great for video watching. The 13-megapixel camera boasts that it’s not the number of pixels, rather the size that counts, and Google claims it will out-duel its competitors for superior pictures at low-light.

If you’re looking at the best new smartphones, there’s a lot to take into consideration. To get through the cacophony of noise, we’ve focused the best smartphone camera aspects to help you in the decision-making process. By knowing all the aspects that separate the various phones out there today, you will find a cheap phone at a ridiculous deal.

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