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3 Tips To Save On The Best Smartphone For Business

What Is The Best Smartphone For Business and Personal Needs

best smartphone for business

In an ever crowded marketplace of smartphone devices, how do you know what is the best cell phone for you?  Are you in need of the best smartphone for business productivity, looking for the best smartphone camera, or just interested in the current top smartphone?

We’ve ranked a number of the best new smartphones, from Samsung to Apple to HTC and more.  But how do you find a great device at a great price?

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If you shop for a new device and don’t take into consideration a few basic things, it could end up costing you a lot more than just money.  You could lose valuable productivity and time, as well as losing the ability to stay connected through your data plans by not shopping correctly.

Here now, are our 3 most important tips to consider to find your next device, help you save money and become more productive as well.

Know How You Plan To Use Your New Device

Consider that most people don’t use their phones for only making calls anymore.  In fact, according to a recent Pew Research Poll, about 90% of younger and lower-income Americans use their smartphone device for something other than making phone calls.  Internet access and Social Media were at the top of the usage list. They also reveal that 7% is smartphone reliant for their Internet access.

So that really expensive cell phone device you carry in your pocket?  The Pew Research poll reveals why we probably call it a smartphone versus a cell phone these days. More and more it’s the mobile computer from the Jetson’s cartoon.





You know the Jetson’s cartoon, a popular cartoon about a family with the talking robot-maid, the dog Astro, flying cars and such.

It was set in the not too distant future, and just like the movie Back To The Future – it made a lot of implied promises of our lives and technologies we’d invent.


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Know The Ecosystem You Work In, And The Operating System It Runs On

Another thing to consider before purchasing a new smartphone device is the type of software you plan on using.  Between Android, Apple’s iOS, and Windows, there is plenty to consider.  But if you don’t take into consideration what Operating System you want to use, you may end up making your life more difficult, and potentially more expensive.


Well, if your considering the best smartphone for business and purchase a Samsung Galaxy S6 but want a tablet and purchase, or already own, an iPad, then you may have some problems. The first is that not all devices share information between platforms equally. If your office operates on PC’s with Windows but you use iOS on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus (or the upcoming iPhone 6s), you may have issues trying to share, open and edit documents between your devices.  So consider the ecosystem and operating system you plan on utilizing before you decide what is the best smartphone for business and your productivity.  The fastest processor and largest screen may not be enough to be the only factor in your decision.

Along with the type of operating system your phone runs on, consider the types of Apps and other features you want with your new device.  Samsung Note 4 and Note 5 each come with a stylus pen for users that may like the feel of a pen in your hand. This comes handy for note taking, making it very natural to write down important thoughts or things to consider; for others a stylus may just make the phone clunky.  It’s a personal choice.  Perhaps your interest is in photography.  Perhaps you need social media for your business and have to decide what is the best smartphone camera for your needs. Between the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, Note 5, HTC One M9 and others, there are some outstanding options for you, each with incredible display and resolution built in.

What separates them is the operating software that helps you edit and retouch pictures as you may see fit and to assist you with your Social Media needs. You can quickly take, crop, edit and upload a picture from your device and immediately let your audience know about the most important or trending thing in your business.

Data Plans Require Planning – Not Knowing Your Data Needs Could Cost You A Ton

One more thing you should consider is the type of cell phone service provider you plan on using.  The best smartphone for business productivity is entirely useless with out the right type of data plan. If you don’t get enough data for your plan, then you’ll end up with data overages, which means increased costs, as well as limitations on the amounts and types of data you can use with your smartphone.

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For example, ESPN reporter Adam Schefter is rumored to have required unlimited data, text and talking so he could be the primary beat writer for ESPN and the NFL.  His bosses initially refused the request sighting that as a subsidiary of Disney – ESPN is owned by ABC which is in turn, owned by Disney – there had never been an employee who had unlimited data plans.  Then came the bill.  The first month the data bill came in for Adam Schefter’s phone, it was rumored at over $1000 for the month.  And he claimed it was during a low-use month.

So, ESPN relented but only because the bill was proof of the need.

While you may not be on your data plan as extensive as an NFL beat reporter from ESPN, knowing what you need before you purchase your next cell phone is critical.  You may be out of the office extensively and need to use LTE and 4G much more than WiFi is available.  Or you may not need that much data for your usage.  It’s all personalized and finding the right data plan provider is crucial.  AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile all offer outstanding ranges and price plans to fit most service needs.

Knowing how you plan to use your phone to the type of ecosystem and operating software that comes along with it, as well as what you may already be using, as well as finding the right service plan go a long way in helping you make a decision between the best new smartphones that are available today.

Whether you’re searching for a personal new device or one that will assist you with your business, there are plenty of options available.  When shopping for your next device, knowing what ecosystem you plan on using and the types of data you may need will save you time, heartache and money in the long run.  With the iPhone 6S release, choosing the best smartphone for business may be easier to think about than to actually decide upon, but armed with these tips, it should be an easier task for you to decide.

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