The Best Smartphones Under $400 To Get Right Now

3 Of The Best Smartphones You Can Find For Under $400 USD Right Now

best smartphones under 400 USD

With the holiday shopping season  just around the corner, we know that Apple and Samsung will be releasing new versions of their iconic smartphones. In fact, there are plenty of rumors about what the new iPhone may be. So we got to thinking about the current lines and wondered what were the best smartphones under 400 USD.

As we get closer to those dates, it got us thinking about deals we could get on new smartphones right now. Specifically, what are the best smartphones available right now for under $4oo USD?

Let’s take a look at three of the top smartphones on the market right now.

The Best Smartphones Under $400 – #1


 The One Plus X – unlocked

For just $289 you can get the One Plus X , a premium built, beautiful smartphone. Also, through Amazon, you get incredible pricing options, including 6 months of financing.

Averaging 4.4 out of 5 stars, the One Plus X is 4G capable and one slick phone. Built of ceramic and glass, the design is appealing and beautiful.  And with a 13MP back camera, you’ll be taking near perfect pictures every time.

But act now, there are a limited supplies left.


#2 On Our List

Samsung Galaxy S6 

One of the premier smartphones on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S6 can be had for less than a weekend in Vegas.

Sleek and dynamic, this refurbished Galaxy S6 has all the power of a new phone, but at half the price topping our list of the best smartphones under $400 dollars. And backed by a 90-day guaranteed warranty, you can get top flight tech at low tech pricing.

Choose from sapphire black to pearl white and get the best smartphone from Samsung on the cheap at Amazon right now!


#3 Of The Best New Smartphones On The Market For Under $400

Apple iPhone 6 (Certified Refurbished)

Much like the Samsung Galaxy S6 deal that we found, the state of the art iPhone 6 is available at a much reduced price as a certified refurbished.  That means that you’re getting a smartphone that has been rebuilt from a previous user and is as good as new.

Regardless of what Apple announces at it’s September unveiling, typically their iPhones are minor upgrades from the previous line number (any one remember the differences between the iPhone 4 and 5? – didn’t think so). The truth is, most of the new lines of iPhones aren’t much more capable than the previous models. What you get as an upgrade from the iPhone 5 with the iPhone 6 is:

  • A8 chip processor speed
  • fingerprint sensor for added security and Apple Pay
  • HD panorama picture taking

These slight upgrades from the iPhone 5 mean that the next generation of iPhone may be slightly underwhelming, yet, overpriced.  Why pay more when you can get a great phone at a ridiculously lower price.  For that reason we list this iPhone 6 on Amazon as one of the best smartphones for under $400 USD.

Act Now And Save Even More Money

Apple, Samsung and HTC among the others all know that their best sales come from the holiday months.  So they plan their releases around these events, and they create a lot of different incentives to unload previous inventory.  Whether the deals are anything that are any good, or mere discounts of $50 USD (such as Apple) – the three phones we have listed here are great at the prices listed and all fall under $400.

Before the Holiday shopping season, there should be some awesome new releases and that means there’ll be even more of the best smartphones under 400 available!

Through Amazon, you can get state of the art phones, at great prices, often with additional options like financing and warranties that aren’t available any where else.  Check them out today before supplies run out!


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