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Apple Is The Best Smartphone On The Market Right Now

Apple And Their Incredible iPhone Line Are In The News Again

It’s not news that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released late 2015. It’s also not a surprise that they quickly dominated the consumer cellular market.  What they did was dominate the consumer cell phone market and position themselves as the best smartphone on the market right now.

best smartphone for business


Also focusing their attention on building the best smartphone for business and incredible camera technology has built the portfolio of Apple well beyond what they may have imagined. That positioning made Apple the most profitable company of all time.

It’s almost a year later, what have we learned about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus?

  • They’re both incredibly fast.
  • They both have been incredibly well received by the public, selling over 74 million iPhones in the final quarter of 2014 alone!
  • They currently dominate categories such as the best smartphone for business.
  • Are considered the top smartphone cameras around.

The Best Smartphone On The Market

best smartphone on the market

We also know that one year later and Apple will do a seasonal upgrade of both their iOS but also their iPhone brand.

Innovative, cutting-edge, and easy to use are the hallmarks of true leaders in any category, and Apple is the culmination of those three. Those characteristics alone make the iPhones the best smartphone on the market right now.

Is Apple About To Release 3 New iPhones?

In recent articles like the one published on this past spring, they claim Apple may not only upgrade their iPhone line, but may also be about to unleash 3 new iPhones.

Think about that for a moment.

They are rumored that they may release 3 new phones in the fall of 2015. They claim that Apple may follow the pattern of the iPhone 5, with a new iPhone 6s, the 6s Plus and a possible smaller 4.7” screen iPhone 6c. Market saturation is one way that Apple will guarantee to be the apex manufacturer about any discussion that includes the best smartphone on the market.

Also, it’s being reported that if not 3 phones, Apple may release the iPhone 7. We don’t see that as being too much of a reality at this point, but definitely something that Apple would have in the pipeline for early 2016. What the new iPhones promise are that they will be the thinnest smartphone.

They will also become the fastest smartphone on the market with increased memory, processing speed and probably a major upgrade with their camera technology.

A major improvement that has been running through the rumor mill more and more is the elimination of the home button. The elimination of a the home button would make the iPhone even more contemporary chic, and would utilize force touch as the primary way to access and unlock the phone.

Either way, what the innovative releases of new iPhones that Apple has planned will continue their dominance for the foreseeable future.

It’s not news that Apple makes a great phone.  Their iconic iPhone brand is the best smartphone on the market for anyone that is current with their devices.

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