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Why The iPhone 6 is The Best Smartphone Of 2015

What is the best smartphone of 2015?

Here at 10 Best Smartphones, we review all the top smartphones out there to give you the best information when you’re shopping for one of the best new smartphones. Do you believe the best on is the iPhone from Apple, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Note 4 lines from Samsung, the LG or HTC models?

Is the best one already on the market, or is the best yet to come?  Continue to read for the best smartphone on the market, the iPhone 6.

best smartphone of 2015


In a comparison review, it comes down to what your personal preference is with operating system.

This is because, in hardware, size, and performance, the brands are becoming more and more identical.

The iPhone 6 Plus is roughly the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 while the Galaxy S6 compares to the iPhone 6.    Specifically, the iPhone 6 Plus measures at 5.5”, while the Galaxy Note 4 measures the largest screen of the four phones at 5.7” super-AMOLED high-resolution.

For video viewing, these two are neck-in-neck for great options.

For smaller screen sizes, the Galaxy S6 measures at 5.1” super-AMOLED to compete with the smaller iPhone 6 at 4.7” high-resolution screen. Compared to the larger screens of the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Note 4, these screens are obviously smaller, but with high-resolution, pack the same punch.

The Problem With Larger Screens

best smartphone on the market


The problem with the larger screen sizes is that it makes single thumb navigation difficult.

What single thumb navigation is what makes it easy for you to access your apps on your smartphone while holding the phone in one hand and with the thumb of that hand.

These navigation problems do limit both the Apple and Samsung lines from claiming the outright title of best smartphone of 2015, but there are solutions for each of them for you to consider.

The Solution

Apple released this problem and to rectify it, they created a “reachability” mode into their iOS 8.  What that system app is, you lightly double-click the home button, and it brings the Apps at the top of the screen to mid-level.

This feature makes your top screen Apps more accessible and allows you the convenience of single thumb navigation.

We like the single thumb application, and that is why we believe that the iPhone line is the best smartphone of 2015, but to find out why, keep reading.

For Samsung, the solution is a little more complicated.

With an already large screen, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note lines didn’t target any particular way to make single thumb navigation easier.

The Galaxy line doesn’t have any solutions or hacks, which makes the Galaxy line a little bulky to use.

However, the Note line has a built in stylus-pen that allows you to navigate your Apps.

But this feature requires two hands to operate – one to hold the phone, the other to use the stylus.

Going Vertical For Security

Apple builds all their platforms, software and to get into the iTunes marketplace, the software is much more difficult.  While hacking is 100% impossible,

Apple controls what can, and cannot be introduced into their platforms much more rigorously than Android.

This vetting process for third-party Apps makes the Apple platform much more secure to hacking,  but also places limits on the variety of Apps available.

For example, Swype was native on the Android marketplace years before Apple approved the keyboard option as a third-party option.

Limitations may be difficult if you want a specific App but does help with overall platform security.

Considering how much personal information is stored on our cell phones today, security is something critical to consider.

Because of Apple’s propensity for vertical integration, we ranked them as the best smartphone for business security in a previous review (READ IT HERE).

This is another reason we consider Apple to make the best smartphone of 2015.

Go Horizontal For Everything Under The Sun

While Apple is tightly controlled from the bottom up, Android runs the largest App marketplace in the world.  That means you’ll have access to many, many more (millions in fact) Apps than what you could access on Apple’s iOS.

The problem with that is the sheer number of developers that have access to the Android marketplace also means that there is a greater security risk.   It’s like being a celebrity going to an exclusive club with bouncers and personalized table service versus going to a local watering hole.

The difference is the front-end security, the exclusivity of the experience versus everyone having access to it.  You never know what you may find, which can be fun, but sometimes risky.

Another thing to consider is that just because there’s millions more Apps available doesn’t mean that they’re all top-notch.  In fact, it’s a numbers game.

The more volume you have, the greater chance there’s going to be less value.  And with limited memory space available, do you want to waste your precious memory on something that’s less than it’s worth?  It will end up slowing down your phone, drain the battery and potentially causing system issues down the road.

With crisp high-definition video, as well as the reachability mode helps us rank the iPhone 6 as the best smartphone on the market.

In the end, the best smartphone of 2015 is a matter of preference.  We prefer the iOS platform and its exclusivity to the broad, open source marketplace of the Android platform.  But either brand you choose, you’re going to get an outstanding new smartphone.

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