The Best Smartphone On The Market Makes Your Life Easier

Ways The Best Smartphone On The Market Will Make Life Easier


In previous posts, we’ve discussed why we believe the Apple iPhone 6 is the best smartphone on the market. We’ve discussed how to find a deal on the best new smartphones, and in this article we’ll discuss how the best new smartphones will be making your life easier, and soon.


It’s a forgone conclusion that our smartphones will be taking on an even larger presence in our lives. You can’t go wrong with any of the best new smartphones, and if you need proof about the role they play in our lives, this article will help you understand.

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Need more proof? Keep reading…

Air Travel Has Never Been Easier

Long lines at the airport are nothing new. But in today’s day and age, standing in line to check-in and then another one due to heightened security seems like a two-step that nobody wants to dance. In an article in this article on the Aviation Blog of Dallas News they discuss trends in making your air travel easier.

And in this golden age of mobile phones, you can simplify your travel and eliminate some of your time standing around. Any best smartphone on the market will allow you to sync with certain airlines to speed up the check-in and boarding pass process.

Ability to check-in and get a paperless boarding pass for Southwest Airlines sent to your phone by text or email and will make your travel incredibly easy. In this article about Southwest Airlines streamlining their check-in procedures, having one of the best new smartphones is a huge advantage over traditional ways of travel.

Once You Arrive, Your Hotel Room Is Ready

Another way, which our smartphones are becoming more involved in our lives is the ability to speed up your hotel check-in. You can also choose rooms and even unlock doors in your hotel.

Originally published in the summer of 2014, this article by Information Week talks about how the Hilton Hotel chain will be adding technology to their hotels in the way of smartphone access.

So, with your phone you can check-in for a flight, use a paperless boarding pass and then check-in, choose your room and unlock the door at your Hilton Hotel.

With Apple Pay, You Can Leave Your Wallet Behind

Once you arrive at your destination, relax and freshen up, you probably want to hit the town for a bite to eat or a little sightseeing and shopping. With Apple Pay, you can leave your wallet behind and have the security of paying for your needs without the fear of losing all your information you carry in your wallet.

That’s because Apple Pay is honored by over 200,000 businesses around the world to help you use your phone as a technological wallet. And with Apple’s fingerprint security, you know that you and only you can access your phone and its Apple Pay system.

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The Home Of The Future Today

With many third party Apps, there are many different ways to sync your home with your smartphone. Need to make sure you shut off your electronics? You can find a number of Apps to link to the best new smartphones and with a quick tap, secure your home and devices.


Among many new features offered with the best smartphone on the market, these days are the ability of your phone to act as a remote for your television. They can also set alarms for your car, the ability to start your car from a distance, the ability to watch your favorite shows on Netflix and Hulu.


There are so many more options with your phone that it’s proof the home of the future is here today.

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Regardless of what you believe is the best phone on the market, with all the latest smartphone news, it’s obvious that we are at the precipice of a golden age of smartphones. It’s not about Apple vs. Samsung or windows versus Android, they’re all great phones. Any one of these phones available right now are the best smartphone on the market and is everything you want to make your life easier.


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