Trade-In Your Old Phone To Save On The Best Smartphone For Business

Tips To Save Money On The Best Smartphone For Business

Are you in the market for a new smartphone? Do you need to find the best smartphone for business on the cheap?  Or perhaps you need one of the best smartphones for you, your family and loved ones?

Unsure what you want to pay or where to find the best deal? Have you Google searched something such as which smartphone should I buy or what smartphone should I buy?

best smartphone for business

Most likely you have or something in along those lines.

Did you know that shopping by impulse will cost you way more then you meant to spend? If you’re trying to save money on the best smartphone for business or a personal phone you need to do to look around first. Shopping for a new smartphone isn’t complicated, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you enter your credit card info.


That means you need to do the research to find ways to save money.


For example, are you shopping for a new iPhone 6 or the latest new phone from Samsung, the Galaxy S6? Is it for personal and family use, or are you looking for the best smartphone for business? Are you looking for just yourself or a group of professionals to use? Define what you want from your phone and how you want to use it, know what are the primary strengths and weaknesses of the best new smartphones.


Here’s Our Tips To Save Money On The Best New Smartphones


  • Know what you want to use your phone for: As we mentioned earlier, do you plan on using the phone for personal use, or are you looking for the best business phone? Which leads us to our next point:


  • What type of data plan makes sense: You may not need massive data limits for a personal phone, especially if you’re using an iPhone. Apple allows you to send and receive text messages and more data through wifi for free. But if you a traveling business professional, having an unlimited data plan would make the most sense for you.


  • Shop through an service provider: Once you know how you plan on using your new phone, choosing a service provider is next. You can opt for unlimited data, family sharing plans, pay-as-you-go, whatever to help you meet your budget. Additionally some of the top service providers like Verizon and Sprint offer amazing incentives for you to use their services. Often you can get one of the best new smartphones for FREE from them once you settle on their data plans.

Resell Your Phone And Make Money While You Save

We’ve discussed how to save money in a couple traditional ways previously.  We’ve got one secret tip that will help you save even more.

What’s that secret way to save?

  • As our final tip, you need to consider What’s Gazelle?  Read on – especially if you’re looking for the best business phone to meet your budget, Gazelle is a great option.

Here’s how it works:

  • You decide that you want to resell your phone. Gazelle will give you an estimate based on current trends and the make/model/condition.
  • Once you have your estimate, if the older phone has any value, Gazelle offers free shipping.
  • Once it arrives, they’ll offer you the amount they value it for and pay you through a number of ways including check, Amazon gift-card or PayPal.


One final trick to consider is Amazon itself. Consider trading in your older phone to a reseller: Amazon allows you to trade in almost any older phone and they’ll give you credit to shop on their platform. Apple has the same type of trade-in offers, including allowing you to trade in your Samsung for credit toward a new iPhone!

To consider


Whether you’re looking for a new smartphone, or need to upgrade to the best smartphone for business productivity; a personal phone that you share on a family data plan, or the best business phone to fit your particular budget, there’s plenty of ways to save money.


  • Don’t buy on impulse
  • Know how you plan to use your phone
  • Find the right data plan to fit your needs
  • Consider trading in your older phone for credit or cash



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