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Apple vs Android and Blackberry

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In the latest smartphone news, iPhone has gained a huge advantage on the rest of the smartphone marketplace. From news that Blackberry is considering building an Android Blackberry to security flaws in the Samsung OS, only garners Apple’s strength in the market.


Blackberry is considering building an Android phone in the near future. This would be a major pivot for Blackberry, since they launched the Blackberry 10 to try and regain market share that was lost to a number of other Android smartphones and Apple.


What the rumor doesn’t address is whether the possible move to Android would eliminate the Blackberry 10 line or whether the Android line would be in addition to the flagship line.


There are obvious challenges to the launch of a potential Android blackberry, from operating systems and platforms to hardware difficulties. One other aspect is the trust that most Blackberry users have with the Blackberry OS – a closed loop that offers integrated security – so much trust in that security, that Blackberry is the preferred smartphone for large organizations, businesses and governments that need to protect proprietary and confidential information.


One Major Problem

A major issue in all the latest smartphone news is that what may prevent Blackberry from creating an Android smartphone is that Android has a major security flaw.

The one major flaw has the potential to expose over 950 million Android users and is known as the Stagefright malware. What the malware does is opens up your Android smartphone to the potential of being hacked with a simple text message to your phone.

All it requires of the hacker is the user’s phone number, where they can send a malware infected text message to the phone. Once received the phone is now vulnerable and accessible to the hacker’s desires.

As quoted by security firm Zimperium Mobile Security –

“Attackers only need your mobile number, using which they can remotely execute code via a specially crafted media file delivered via MMS. A fully weaponized successful attack could even delete the message before you see it. You will only see the notification. These vulnerabilities are extremely dangerous because they do not require that the victim take any action to be exploited.”


For governments and organizations that have sensitive data – this flaw may hold up organizations with sensitive data.

Meaning that the idea of an Android Blackberry may be dead before it ever began.

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The Latest Smartphone News: Apple vs Android

And while it may not seem to be a big deal, the trajectory over the long-term is that Apple will continue to gain on Android and take over even more market share. In early 2015 it was reported that Apple had overtaken Android in both US and Chinese markets.


Not surprising then that while the overall market share is small, Apple is taking in 92% of smartphone profits. First reported in the Wall Street Journal, Apple took in over 85% of all smartphone profits in Q1 of 2015, with Samsung coming in with a measly 15%.  Those earnings have leveled out some, especially in light of not much new going on in the consumer smartphone market.

Without much recent movement in the consumer electronics market, that means that there could be some MAJOR overhauls of Android phones, iPhones and other devices.

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We look forward to more news to come out soon. Stay tuned to 10 Best Smartphones for all the latest smartphone news as it becomes released.

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