Best Smartphone For Business In Late 2015

best smartphone for business

The Best Smartphone For Business

Late in the year of 2015 there are some incredible smartphones available for every type of user: the teenager looking at video and social media, the casual phone user, and the always-on-the-go (AOTG) business type.  And for the AOTG business type, needs the top smartphones for both work and fun.

We’ve reviewed tons of smartphones, from Samsung, HTC, LG, and Apple to help you decide what is the best smartphone for business productivity in the past.  You can access those articles here and here.

Best Smartphone For Business Prices At Amazon

The Top Smartphones Reviewed

Before the new releases of smartphones come out, here’s a list of the current top smartphones:

  1. The Galaxy S6: Built from a sleek metallic shell and body, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a truly impressive device and why it ranks as one of the top smartphones on any list.  With a 5.1″ screen that is encased in a 5.6″ body, the pixel density of 577 ppi and 2560 x 1440 resolution display is the best around.  Whether for high-definition video watching, ebook reading or to make your document and email reading crystal clear, the Samsung Galaxy S6 display is stunning. With an improved fingerprint scanner and Android Lollipop 5.0 is Samsung’s hope to use their new NFC technology and Samsung Pay to compete with Apple Pay. What the sleek design and impressive software does is make the Samsung Galaxy S6 esthetic as well as incredibly durable.
  2. The OnePlus Two: Running on Qualcomm’s 810 Snapdragon, the octa-core 1.8 GHz processor makes the OnePlus Two in the fastest smartphones category.  Along with the Galaxy S6 from Samsung, this Android device will have more than enough power for everything you need in a mobile phone device. Also, with 1080p, you’ll be quickly watching video presentations, webinars and more in no time at all and with minimal buffering. The processing speed will improve your productivity and enhance your business output in little to no time at all, and is why the OnePlus Two is on any list for best smartphone for business.
  3. The iPhone 6: We’ve written extensively about all the great things the iPhone 6 has to offer.  From native, built-in apps to state-of-the-art design, the iPhone 6 is one impressive device. An amazingly lightning quick A8 processor makes the iPhone 6 as fast as anything Android has to offer.  And with the additional security of the fingerprint sensor, Apple is banking on their Apple Pay platform as being one of its best features.  At 5″-inches, the display is one of the largest Apple has ever made, and that will help with document reading, email and image viewing to help your business productivity on the go.
  4. The HTC One M9: With one eye on the competitors, and the other on design, the HTC One M9 is built to compete as one of the top smartphones regardless of time of the year.  A smooth metallic body arches to fit easily and nicely into the palm of the hand.  As an Android phone, the HTC One M9 will build off the momentum of the HTC One M8 and it’s light, design will make your output and App usage a breeze.

Additional Smartphones To Consider For Business

From Android there comes a few honorable mentions, the Samsung Galaxy Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge that are designed to be upgrades on the current Galaxy S6 and Note 4 models.  Also, the iPhone 6 Plus comes to mind, and would easily be one of the top smartphones around if not for its size.

In a few short weeks, we’ll begin the holiday shopping season.  With that there will be huge discounts on existing stocks of all these amazing devices, as well as new releases from Apple and other Android phones.  Until then, the phones on this list are our picks as best smartphone for business in 2015.

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