Will Apple Continue To Have The Best Smartphone In 2016?

With the close of the 2016 CES in Las Vegas, one thing is certain – there are some great devices, tools and toys on the horizon! We look toward the future jealously, and look for the best smartphone to be from Apple in 2016!

iphone 7

There were some great devices and things such as the boom stick, a device that boosts the power of your EarPods and headphones.  Wireless earphones that recharge in a carrying case, a refrigerator with built-in camera to watch your perishables, well, perish.

But this post is about the best smartphone around, the iPhone and it’s future.

Apple Is Planning A Big Change To The Best Smartphone On The Market

In early 2016, Apple will unveil at least 1 new phone.  It could be a slight upgrade to the iPhone 6c, a new line of entry level smartphones called the iPhone 5e as reported by Mac Rumors or they could completely revamp the line with a new iPhone – perhaps the iPhone 7.  Most likely we’ll have to wait to see an iPhone 7, but we’re hoping that Apple breaks protocol.

The iPhone 5e or 6c

Whatever the name for the new smaller iPhone 5e or 6c (possibly both), there are a couple specs we can count on.

  1. Does Size Really Matter: The new, smaller device will most likely measure 4-inches with a body made of plastic and offered in multiple colors, much like the 5c prior to this release. This customizable plastic phone is priced a little bit cheaper than the standard iPhone 6s (probably about $100 USD cheaper than the lowest priced iPhone 6s). Although color schemes may vary, the plastic body allows for more consumer driven choices than the limited White, Rose-Gold and Black bodies of the aluminum shells.

    Best smartphone

  2. Can You Remember My Name?: The new entry-level iPhone will most likely run on the A8 processor in the iPhone 6 models with 1GB of RAM with possibly 16 GB/64 GB of storage available. The pricing is indicative of the outdated CPU and memory limitations. So, if all you want and need is a device to send and receive calls, texts and to surf the web, this may be a cool choice for you.  If you plan on using the iPhone for a number of high-quality apps and games, you may be a little bit frustrated with the limitations.
  3. VoLTE Calling From A Far-Away Land: One of the design features will be the opportunity to make LTE wide-band phone calls through select carriers.  Of course you can skip a carrier and make Wi-Fi calls with the newer iPhones and AT&T, Sprint or T-Moblie.
  4. May The Apple Pay Be With You: The new iPhone will include NFC technology allowing you to pay at select retailers using just your thumb or fingerprint as the security.  Simply hold your device close to a payment processor, hold the home button and Apple Pay will appear.  With your thumb or finger ID already saved in the device, you’ll have easy, one-touch payments.



In standard Apple fashion, 2016 will be the release of their next major upgrade to the flagship device.  The iPhone 7 is rumored to be in development and production, for a release date as early as Spring 2016 but realistically for Fall 2016. We anticipate the release to correspond with the holiday shopping season, recording unprecedented profits for Apple and making the new iPhone the best smartphone you can buy this year. This release calendar follows in the footsteps of what they’ve done previously.

For example: (credit Mac Rumors)
Release Calendar For The iPhone Brand

So it’d follow suit that the next release would be a modification to an existing line before a new flagship upgrade, but new designs are always in the even years, so here’s hoping!

The Next Big Thing With The Best Smartphone From Apple

  • Same As It Ever Was: Sticking with their calendar proves Apple likes to be consistent.  What that means for the consumer is that there will be two-versions of the iPhone 7, the 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.  The dimensions will mirror those of the 6 and 6 Plus with a 4.7″ and 5.5″ screen. They will feature the 3D Touch of the new iPhone 6’s and with the hint that Apple is trying to eliminate the home button, this feature seems to be the first step in that direction. 

  • Catch Me If You Can:  With each upgrade, Apple has made the speed of their processors a critical part of what they offer.  With a new iPhone 7, the anticipation is that it will come with the A10 processor – the quickest CPU out there and making the new iPhone the fastest smartphone on the market yet. This processor upgrade makes sense when you think about Apple’s camera functions being able to record in 4K making it the best smartphone on the market. 
  • Can You Hear Me Now?: The one MAJOR difference we’re seeing about the new iPhones is Apple is intent with killing off the headphone jack.  With much of the interior space dedicated to hosting the input for a headphone jack, Apple is moving toward either a lighting connector for headphones or offering a bluetooth option. In a recent article on Yahoo Tech, they report that Apple is working hard on creating it’s own line of wireless EarPods under the BEATS brand that will take place of the standard ones already in use. As reported by 9to5 MAC, some of the features possible include automatic charging when placed in a carrying case and a noise-canceling microphone to allow user to interact between ear pods and Siri. By removing the headphone jack, this will dramatically improve the new iPhone in a couple of ways:
  1. Allows for a slimmer, smaller design making the iPhone much easier for single-thumb navigation.
  2. Allows more room for antennas, which in turn makes for greater, and faster, wireless connections.
  3. With the lightning port being used possibly for headphones, that frees up Apple to start leaning toward magnetic, wireless charging capabilities.

Regardless of the rumors, the iPhone is sure to get an upgrade and in a major way. We’ll continue to report on everything we find out from sources like Business Insider, Yahoo Tech to 9to5 MAC and Mac Rumors and more.

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