In The Latest Smartphone News: Samsung’s Smartphone Rankings Have Slipped

Smartphone Rankings: The Future Doesn’t Look Great For Samsung

Consumers have spoken and both Samsung and the Android marketplace are getting clobbered. How does this change our smartphone rankings? For starters, it makes us reconsider the value of Android and Samsung in the future.

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This could be in part, because Samsung sold themselves as an innovative tech company, but has nothing new to show for it.

We’ve written previous that the Galaxy S6 is a beautifully designed smartphone, we’ve even ranked it as best smartphone for business. But the one Unique Selling Point that Android had over Apple wasn’t the design, rather innovative design, high-resolution screens and speedy processors.

But with the release the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the technological improvements we’ve reviewed previously, the difference between Samsung and Apple is no longer a major barrier. In our smartphone rankings this has moved iPhone and Apple into the forefront, while moving all others toward the back of the line.

How Samsung Cut Off Their Nose To Spite Their Smartphone Rankings


In a recent research note by investment bank Oppenheimer, they claim that there are a few issues with Samsung, as well as the entire Android Operating Systems. Business Insider has a great summary of the research note and you can CHECK IT OUT HERE.

But a few key points are:

  • Shipments of the Galaxy S6 are down compared to the Galaxy S5 by over 1 million units from the same time last year.
  • The metallic-iPhone-back and screen size are clear knock-offs of the iPhone 6.
  • Hardware is the primary reason to consider Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and that’s not a primary consideration of most consumers.

Hardware improvements of the Samsung Galaxy S6 are:

  • Camera Improvements with Optical Image Stabilization
  •  Front Area Finger-Print Sensor
  • Cutting edge CPU

The point is that while important, these improvements mirror those of the iPhone 6, which is not enough for most consumers to consider an upgrade or switching platforms.

The Imitation Game

samsung s6 vs


If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, consider Samsung a jealous type.  By copying most of the same aspects of the new iPhones, Samsung will have to take a serious dip in most smartphone rankings.

If you can get all the software, hardware and design of an iPhone, basically consumers are saying “why get an Android if all they’re doing is copying Apple?”

Basically, Apple stole Samsung’s thunder when they increased their screen size from the standard smaller iPhone screens to the new, larger, yet thinner, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

By trying to copy what Apple had already done, Samsung is late to the party and consumers are even slower to adapt and adjust.

The future doesn’t look as promising for Samsung as it once did. Their smartphone rankings are in the tank and so are their sales.

Apple took a bite out of Samsung when Samsung was hoping for the opposite effect.

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