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The Oneplus Two As One Of The Best Android Phones Reviewed
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Released August 2015 the Oneplus Two builds off the incredibly powerful and thin model of the Oneplus line. With their tagline “Never Settle” the Oneplus Two builds on its momentum as one of the best Android phones on the market today.

For more information on the new Oneplus Two and how it compares with the other top smartphones, read below the fold.


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At 5.5” the sleek, thin Oneplus Two is equal to other phones around, and may be positioning to compete against the Samsung Galaxy line, even taking on the dominant iPhone 6.


Reasonably priced at $329 for 16GB of memory, a quick upgrade to 64GB is possible for only $389. Compared to $199 for both the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 – both come with larger memory, the price difference for the Oneplus Two is well worth it if you’re looking for the next best Android phones, or simply, one of the best smartphones on the market.

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Video And Image:

At 1080p, the high-resolution display makes for amazing video and image viewing and makes documents incredibly crisp and clear. With built in LCD display coupled with 1080p, the Oneplus Two, it’s easy to see why it’s fast becoming the best Android phones.

Operating System:

Built on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor, the Octa-core CPU runs on 1.8GHz to be incredibly fast and quick, which helps position itself as one of the best smartphone for business productivity available. Operating on the easy to use Android 5.1 Oxygen-based platform, it’s said to be lightning fast and incredibly user friendly.

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For consumers, however, it lacks the one major feature that makes the Android and iOS platform so appealing. The lack of any NFC chip or technology means that the Oneplus Two is a generation behind the other current smartphones. But that’s not a big deal unless you’re absolutely in need of becoming wallet less.

Introducing The USB Type-C

One major device feature of the Oneplus Two is the integration of the USB Type-C port. What USB Type C allows is positional flexibility to charge and transfer data. That means that you can plug into the port of the Oneplus Two on either side of the cable and won’t need to worry if it’s plugged in correctly.

Hardware and Body:

Built from an aluminum-magnesium alloy the Oneplus Two frame is as solid as it is eye-catching. The size is perfect for single thumb navigation, and the metallic alloy shell sits in your palm comfortably. This also allows the device to be incredibly resilient to drops and falls, making it nearly impervious to destruction.

With the amazing popularity of the Oneplus phone, the makers have decided to double down on the slightly larger, slightly heavier Oneplus Two. With the hope of using the momentum from the original line, the Oneplus Two is going to become one of the best android phones on the market in the very near future.


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