Why We Believe Apple Makes The Top Smartphones

3 Reasons The Top Smartphones Are Made By Apple

Among the top smartphones that are available today, Apple makes the best. We’ve reviewed a number of the best new smartphones, looking at every category to make that determination. Previously we’ve reviewed a number of smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the HTC One (M8) and many others, and we’ve concluded that Apple ‘s iPhone 6, 6 Plus is the best of the best.

Our criteria in previous reviews (see full reviews here) we examined everything from what is the best smartphone camera, best service provider, the best software and operating system, data plans and more in our research to come up with that fact. Apple makes the best smartphones, simple.

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With the latest smartphone news that Android is having a major overhaul of its operating system, we still believe that Apple’s product line of their iconic iPhones is the best smartphones on the market. Why?

Here Are Our 3 Reasons Apple Makes The Top Smartphones

1) For beginners, the price point is one of their strongest factors. Like most of the newest smartphones out right now, if you purchase an iPhone with a standard contract from major carriers, you can get the mobile phone at a great price. That’s because its price reduced with a standard two-year contract from service providers like Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint. Typically you can get one of these top smartphones by Apple starting at $199 and increasing $100 for double the memory, up to $399 for 128GB.

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2) Another reason that the iPhone line is the top smartphone is that it comes with an incredible suite of Apps that make startup and usage easy. Like all things Apple, the integration of your devices and operating systems are simple to set up. That’s because Apple makes all their devices and software operating systems in-house versus using third-party platforms. By doing so, it means that Apple can test and resolve any problems prior to release, and if a bug is discovered, a simple update and patch can be launched on all their platforms. They are intuitive to use, so-much-so that even little kids can pick them up and use them.

3) The final reason that Apple makes the top smartphones with their iPhone line is Apple’s new Apple Pay. Using NFC technology, which uses temporary security cookies with devices within a certain radius, Apple Pay is sure to be a game changer for the shopper.

What is Apple Pay? It’s the ability to link your phone, Apple Pay and bank account or PayPal account. By linking these accounts, it allows your iPhone to sync with pay points in participating stores and e-commerce sites. And coupled with the iPhone fingerprint sensor that unlocks your phone from a fingerprint, it’s as secure as can be. You’ll be able to leave your wallet behind, make purchases on the go, and bang-bang you’re done and out the door.

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Look, we know that there are some incredible mobile phones on the market right now. But if you want the best of the best new smartphones, then the best one we’ve seen is the iPhone brand from Apple. With great price breaks offered by service providers like Sprint; to an amazing suite of Apps like Pages, Numbers and more. To cutting edge technology that makes shopping safe and easy, the iPhone is rated number one of all the top smartphones.

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