Why Apple’s iPhone 6 Is The Best Smartphone On The Market Right Now

Apple’s iPhone 6 Is the Best Smartphone On The Market, Here’s Why

Finding a new phone can be really rewarding and also very difficult. There’s over 15 new phones released in the year of 2014 and choosing the best one for what you want can seem overwhelming. If you get lost in the information and advertising swamp about each of these phones, you’ll never get the phone you want or deserve. We’ve provided plenty of resources to help you find a deal on the best smartphone on the market, as well as kept you up-to-date on all the latest smartphone news in our blog.


In this article, we’re going to talk about why we believe we found the best smartphone available right now and what it is about the phone that we like. Keep in mind we will have future articles about other phones coming in this series. Our intent about talking up each of these phones is to provide you with the best information to help you discover which of the best new smartphones is right for you.


We’ve evaluated the strengths of the competitors and looked at the strengths of our champion, and we’ve decided that the best smartphone on the market is the Apple iPhone 6.


The Features That Makes The iPhone 6 AWESOME

From its thin, sleek design it comes with the great iOS 8 Operating Software, has an outstanding camera with the ability to view images on its large-ish high-resolution screen. These aspects of the iPhone 6 make it the one phone with something for everyone.


Built in traditional Apple style, the iPhone 6 is the thinnest smartphone of their brand and sits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Its solid aluminum shell is smooth and pleasing, while the screen size is not so large that you need a second hand to navigate. You can still use one thumb to operate the phone.


The iOS 8 is one smart operating software. With the ability to seamlessly integrate with other devices, it is the best to work with all other Apple hardware. Additionally, iOS 8 is the operating software for Apple Pay, a new mobile payment service using NFC technology. What NFC technology is, it allows two local devices to share small amounts of data securely. Apple Pay uses a secure process of storing your bank debit or credit card and makes you use your fingerprint as the passcode to access the App.


Even without the above-mentioned features, the iPhone 6 is the best smartphone on the market just by its camera alone. An 8 mega-pixel camera comes installed in the iPhone 6 and offers some incredible features that include image stabilization, exposure control, automatic HDR for image capture and great panorama options. Apple claims that its camera comes with the resolution closest to the human eye’s, and have titled the feature ‘iSight’ technology.
best smartphone on the market

One of the strongest features of the iPhone 6 is the 4.7-inch high-resolution display. The high-resolution screen may be a little smaller than the current phablet trend that’s popular, but the screen is just the right size. As we’ve said, it’s a great mix of size and function. You can easy access all the Apps you need with one hand, and a high-definition screen allows for great video watching.


The best part of the iPhone 6 is its price. With a standard contract, you can get an iPhone 6 at a starting point of $199. Take into consideration that the phone has the top of the line technology and paired with this price point is a huge bonus.


As a perfect combination of size, technology, camera, software and price, makes the iPhone 6 the best smartphone on the market today.


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