Apple vs Android In The Latest Smartphone News

Apple vs Android Who Will Win?


Will Apple dominate the smartphone marketplace? Will Android survive?


apple vs android
In the latest smartphone news, things don’t look good for the Android platform while Apple appears to be picking up speed, especially with rumors of another major upgrade in their iPhone department.

Which pits Apple vs Android in yet another major fight for marketplace supremacy.

We reported that there may be an iPhone 7 in the works, and the WWDC 2015 Keynote on June 8 will reveal what else Apple may have in the pipeline. What would a new iPhone upgrade look like?


We reported on that recently and you can check out that article here.

Is Android Doomed? Can Apple Knock Them Out?


Well, there’s been some momentum gaining speed lately. In a recent New York Times article, it reports that while Android is the largest platform in the world, it’s sales and profits in the smartphone marketplace is quickly losing ground.


In the report, it documents that for the holidays of 2014 Apple gobbled up 90% of all the profits in the smartphone industry. Sure some of this was due to the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but a huge portion of the increase also had a lot to do with Android owners switching to the iOS ecosystem of Apple.


The problem itself isn’t that Android is losing ground to Apple but it is that the problem is one of perception. As more and more outlets are beginning to report the shrinking of Android, the reality is that more bad news begins to create it’s own reality. Especially with consumer confidence, it doesn’t take long before what’s being reported becomes more and more a trend.

This should really be alarming to Google and those at Android.  In the apple vs android fight for marketplace supremacy, the fight seems to be an unfair fight.

And the fear that more and more Android adopters are starting to flee to other Operating Systems and platforms is only reinforced by Apple’s Tim Cook who said that there has been more and more Android adopters switching to Apple’s iOS in the last few cycles than in any other time in history. This does not bode well for what Android had hopes for and appears that the apple vs android fight may be close to being called a victory for apple.


Especially with the potential release of an iPhone 7 this autumn, a new phone by Apple that may be a major upgrade from the already awesome iPhone 6 will dominate the news. The trend of switching from Android to Apple’s iOS may continue to gain steam. And that would lead to more reporting, which fuels more switching platforms and becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts.

What this all means is that if current trends continue, and Apple releases a new, highly-upgraded smartphone just in time for the 2015 holidays, we may see an even bigger shift of current Android users switching to Apple.

While it would go against traditional marketing trends that Apple has established over the years, releasing a new iPhone, in this case the iPhone 7, would firmly place Apple in control of the smartphone business. The fight that is apple vs android seems to be about over, especially if the rumors are true.



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