Apple Makes The Best Phones Of 2014

The iPhone 6 Is One Of The Best Phones Of 2014

Any time you attempt to remake an iconic brand like the iPhone, there can be some expected backlash. Loyalists feel like you’re betraying their trust and denounce new fans as inauthentic.

It happens all the time with bands and musicians, where they build a small cult following before a major label release. Once the musician signs to a major label and has a national tour, the fans that were following them from the onset claim band betrayal and ‘sell-out’ of their loyalties.

And Apple and the iPhone crowd are no different.

Every new mobile release has increased Apple’s share of the market, turning some previous fans off while building a huge new fan base. Because Apple takes chances and pushes the boundary of their brands, for that reason we name the iPhone 6 one of the best phones of 2014. 

Between the camera features of their mobile phones, to the incredible suite of Apps included in every purchase and some incredible service provider options are the reasons that make the iPhone 6 the best smartphone on the market.

Features That Make The iPhone 6 One Of The Best Phones Of 2014

Think about everything that you use your cellular and mobile device to do. Your smartphone is one of the most powerful computers that you have, you can carry it in the palm of your hand, and yet you barely use its full capabilities.

This is seriously Sci-Fi type stuff, and yet we spend most of our time on our phones updating social media and browsing the Internet for fluff. Apple recognizes that people use their smartphones for diversions and past-times much more than for work, and focused on user experience for their designs.

To be fair, there are plenty of people who use their smartphones to the fullest of capabilities, but most don’t.

Here’s Why We Believe The iPhone 6 Is One Of The Best Phones Of 2014

The iPhone 6 is built with special attention to their camera features and image-viewing capabilities. With a 5.5 inch screen, the iPhone 6 is larger than all but the iPhone 6 Plus ‘phablet’ style release. While the picture may be larger on the iPhone 6 Plus, it’s also more difficult to use with a single hand. The iPhone 6 being slightly smaller fits perfectly in your palm, and while it may be a little bit of a reach, single-thumb navigation is still easy.

iphone 6


Here’s what you need to know about the camera features that makes the iPhone 6 one of the best phones of 2014:

▪ 8 Megapixel iSight Camera – iSight is Apple’s term for high-resolution capture, much similar to their use of the word video watching with Retina display. This resolution is Apple’s highest achievement to date, and they claim the technology is as close to the human eye as currently possible.
▪ Auto Focus pixels – The technology here is image refinement, allowing the pixels to take in more information and light on the subject, making clearer, more vibrant pictures.
▪ Optimal Image Stabilization – this helps take your pictures and video and make them professional quality. No longer will your pictures have a slightly blurry feature around the borders, and your videos will no longer have that shaky aspect while watching.
▪ 1080 HD video
▪ A Dual-LED flash to help with shadows and eliminate red-eye in pictures. The evil ‘red-eye’ will be no more with this technology!
▪ Capture slow-motion video at 60 or 240 frames per second and time-lapse recording. This is great for uploading videos on social media, filming in HD and posting to your blog or YouTube channel among other uses.
▪ Panorama mode – good for the iPhone 6, but inconsistent levels, while taking a picture, it can create some dark spots. The iPhone 6 Plus is much better at panorama than the smaller iPhone 6 probably due to its size and ergonomic shape.


best phones of 2014

These are some of the main features that make the camera on the iPhone 6 a primary reason to purchase an Apple smartphone. Another great aspect the iPhone 6 includes with its camera is the ability to focus or refocus on the foreground and background images. Combine these features with the aforementioned options, and you have a great, great tool for picture taking and image capture. These features will help you upload some incredible pictures to post on your Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites.

And One More Reason That The iPhone 6 Is The Best Smartphone On The Market

One last thing that makes the iPhone 6 one of the best smartphones of 2014 is the built in Apps and iOS that comes along with it. From Apple Pay, iTunes to Pages, Keynote, Numbers and more, there is a great suite of Apps included in every new iPhone. The inclusion of these Apps makes your installation and start-up quick and simple allowing you to be using your new phone in no time at all.

With a combination of service options, Apps ready made for the phone and screen size, the iPhone 6 tops the list of best phones for 2014.

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