A Look At The Best New Smartphones 2014

Apple announced that it will reveal some new gadgets on September 9, 2014 and many expect it to be their new smartphone, the iPhone 6. Others are speculating that the release will also include the much-anticipated iWatch a wearable watch much like the wearable watches from Samsung among others.

best new smartphones 2014

best new smartphones 2014

Which got us to thinking about reviews for the best new smartphones 2014 edition

So what would we want to review that may not already be out there?

We looked at a number of reviews and our own experiences with different brands and their new smartphones to give you our rankings and reviews of the best new smartphones 2014.

Here’s what we found.

 There are really only two in the running for the award of the best new smartphones 2014.

1) iPhone 5s – until Apple releases the new iPhone 6, the king of the castle is the iPhone 5s. With it’s sleek design the iPhone 5s belongs in your jewelry case as much as in your pocket.

Here are a few of the features that help place the iPhone 5s at the top of our list.  

iphone 5s

Best New Smartphones 2014

  • With high-quality anodized aluminum construction the iPhone 5s is nearly indestructible and a simple little face cover will help defend against the majority of scratches and breaks.
  • The intuitive touch-sensor id passcode – this is one of the best smartphones in the world – and it’s easy to setup fingerprint passcode is easy to setup offering you ultimate passcode security.
  • Other features include good battery life that’s been tested to last 6 hours of continuous video streaming and it’s loaded up with numerous apps that run on the extremely useable iOS to enhance the user’s experience.

So – Until the new iPhone 6 is released, the iPhone 5s is the greatest smartphone on the market today.

2) Samsung Galaxy s5 – unlike the Apple iPhone 5s, the Galaxy s5 is a much larger phone. Its screen size is 5.1 inches, which is 1.1 inches LARGER than the iPhone 5s with a resolution of 1080p, meaning you’ll be able to watch the highest quality videos on the market.

It’s long design makes the face of the phone more interactive with full hand movements than a single finger swipe like the smaller iPhone, but a dimpled pleather casing makes it comfortable to hold and use.

samsung galaxy s5


Listed below are some of the greatest features of the Samsung Galaxy s5 that firmly places it on the best new smartphones 2014 review.  We focus on a couple features that pair up with what the iPhone has to offer so that you can make the best choice.

  • The water resistant design, able to be held under water up to 1 meter (3.3 feet) for 30 minutes and still be usable.
  • Heart-rate monitor built right into the back of the phone. Simply access the Health App and place your finger on the button on the back. You’ll get a Heart Rate and pulse result quickly.
  • Fingerprint sensor as a shortcut for PayPal and Samsung App purchases. You can designate the fingerprint sensor to authorize payments – making it truly a one-touch payment system. But don’t worry! It’s passcode protected by the most unique password security in the world! Your individual fingerprint.

So if you want a larger face and high-resolution, then the Samsung Galaxy s5 is the phone for you.  Either way, with the iPhone 5s or Galaxy s5 – you can’t go wrong.

There’s a lot of clutter out there about all the best new smartphones 2014 and earlier.

To quote Shakespeare it’s all sound and fury, signifying nothing and that means it’s all just that, noise.

Truthfully, we found that they’re really only two that we can recommend at this time. So cut through the clutter, the noise and check out the iPhone 5s or Samsung Galaxy s5 today.

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