Our 8 Top Smartphones Of 2014

The 8 Top Smartphones Of 2014


Well, it’s the end of the 2014 and with it comes all the myriad of ‘End Of The Year Best’ lists. Take a look around, you’ll see them everywhere from television, sports, movies, music and more. It seems that everybody and everywhere has their ‘Best Of’ list to finish the year and at 10 Best Smartphones; we’re no different.


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So without any further ado, here’s our list of the 8 top smartphones of 2014.

#8 Apple’s iPhone 5s

iphone 5s

The Good: Apple’s iPhone 5s may be an older model, but it’s still a great phone right now. The software is still cutting edge, and most of the newer iPhones build off the iPhone 5s specs. For the price, the iPhone 5s offers outstanding technology, is one of the best smartphone camera options available, and if you want a great iPhone experience at a discount, you can’t go wrong.

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The Bad: While the iPhone 5s is a great phone, if you want a bigger screen or top-of-the-line technology, you’ll be better off spending the extra moola on a newer phone.

Price: REDUCED to $99 with standard 2-year contract or approximately starting at $549 unlocked.

#7 The LG G3

lg g3

The Good: The current flagship phone by LG, the G3 is one of the top smartphones around. With super-sharp displays ever on a smartphone, it allows for incredible image viewing thanks to the massive 5.5-inch display. The size of the phone makes the G3 much closer to a phablet than standard phones.

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The Bad: While a decent Android phone, LG curiously placed the power and volume buttons on the backside of the phone, making for an awkward hold and feel.

Price: $549 with most standard contracts.


#6 The HTC One (M8)

htc one m

The Good: As an Android phone, The HTC One (M8) is the best smartphone you can buy. Of all the top smartphones, the pinnacle of HTC’s brand is built with design and aesthetics in mind. With beautiful lines and sleek, high-quality construction the HTC One (M8) is one great phone to behold

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The Bad: While the design is beautifully sleek, its arched back and 5” screen size makes it somewhat bulky to use with one hand. Obviously not convenient to use as with other phones, but this is one of the top smartphones of 2014.

Price: $649 with a standard contract.


#5 The Samsung Galaxy s5

samsung galaxy s5( Check out our review of the best smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy s5 here )

The Good: Samsung’s newest entry of the best new smartphones is the incredible Galaxy s5. As a nice improvement over last year’s Galaxy s4, this is one awesome upgrade. With the highest resolution and large screen, of all the top smartphones, the Galaxy s5 may be the best for image viewing. Samsung seemed to learn their lesson and chose to improve on the stuff people care about the most versus stuffing it with things nobody cared about. A great camera and battery life are also major improvements over other phones on the market.

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The Bad: Compared to some of the other phones we’ve reviewed, the Samsung Galaxy s5 is manufactured from plastic and can be a little off-putting.

Price: $610 on most major carriers.


#4 The Google Nexus 6

google nexus 6

The Good: With a massive screen at 6-inches, Google’s latest phone is made by Motorola and is the first smartphone to operate on Android’s new Lollipop operating system. This phablet style phone is the number one of all top smartphones for video watching and pocket convenience.

The Google Nexus 6

The Bad: The 6-inch screen size makes single-hand navigation impossible, and the ‘back-button’ is placed just beyond the reach of most thumbs.

Price: $649 for a 2-year service agreement.


# 3 The iPhone 6 Plus by Apple

iphone 6 plus
( For more details on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus check out our previous review here )

The Good: Keeping up with everyone else and taking it to a whole new level is Apple’s major trademark. They are usually a little behind the market with new products, waiting to see what issues may be there before they jump in, but once they do, they offer the best product on available. And if you’re interested in trend of larger phablet style the iPhone 6 Plus heads the list of top smartphones around. Thin, sleek and simple the iPhone 6 Plus is one great option. While it is a huge phone it measures in at 5.5 inches, it doesn’t feel like you’re lugging a chunk of metal.

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The Bad: While skinny, the iPhone 6 Plus is longer than the rest of the iPhone brand. Also, there have been rumors of the thin design warping if sat upon and caused a stir recently, with plenty of reviews and videos of bent iPhone 6 Plus phones going viral online.

Price: $299 for 16GB with a standard 2-year contract or $749 unlocked.


#2 The Samsung Galaxy Note 4

samsung galaxy note 4

The Good: Hand’s down, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 4 is ranked first of the best new smartphones the company has ever made. Billed as the next best thing by Samsung, the Galaxy Note 4 lives up to the hype. At 5.7” the screen has the sharpest display possible and the metal design lends a cool feel in your hand. As designed, the Galaxy Note 4 is the greatest of all the top smartphones in the phablet-style that is currently popular.

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The Bad: An awkward heart-rate monitor button on the back of the phone as well as the lack of power in low-light brightness for video watching. Also, it’s the most expensive of the best new smartphones out there.

Price: $750 with standard carriers.


#1 The iPhone 6

iphone 6

For more details on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus check out our previous review here )

The Good: With a perfect combination of hardware, operating system, and built-in Apps, the iPhone 6 is ranked as the best of all the top smartphones. Unless you’re fond of Android or Windows Phones, the iPhone 6 is the best smartphone for you to consider. Why? Measuring at 4.7 inches, the iPhone 6 is a perfect upgrade in size from the traditional 4-inch screen of the older iPhone brands like the iPhone 5s. For further reviews read here.

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The Bad: The design has a plastic strip running horizontally along the bottom that creates a break in the traditional Apple design. Also, the camera lens, while an improvement from older models, bubbles out and protrudes from the back of the phone furthering the break from the traditional sleekness that is the Apple trademark.

Price: $199 for 16GB and standard 2-year service arrangement, unlocked begins at $649 for 16GB.


If you’re looking for a new smartphone, getting one of these top smartphones is an awesome choice.  So many new phones, so many options for price deals check out our RESOURCES page for opportunities to save money on all the best new smartphones.

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