Here Are 3 Ways To Save Money On The Top Smartphones

How Do You Find Deals On The Top Smartphones Now That Cyber Monday Is Over?

Just because you missed out on the start of the holiday shopping season doesn’t mean you have to pay more for your next smartphone.

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From Black Friday to Cyber Monday there were some incredible deals to find when you were shopping for the top smartphones this holiday season.

Did you miss out?

Perhaps you were waiting for a paycheck or was unavailable to shop on those days.  Maybe even, you had to work (eek) on those days and shopping was the last thing on your mind.

So what do you do if you missed out on these deals?

Shop Smarter Not Harder To Save You Money

The obvious thing is that you can go the traditional route of shopping this holiday. Get in your car or take a bus to the mall and deal with the headaches of traffic, busy crowds and noisy shops to talk with hectic clerks who are counting the minutes until their shifts end.

Or you can shop smarter.

Shop smarter by shopping online and do your self, and those harassed clerks, a favor when you shop for your new phone.

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From iPhones to Galaxy phones, the Google Nexus 6 and many, many more, shopping online will save you time, energy and money on all the best new smartphones available.  But only if you know where to look online, otherwise you’re just running in circles away from the crowds.

Without further ado we offer the following 3 tips to help you find a great deal on the top smartphones for you and your loved ones this holiday season.

  1. Shop direct with the manufacturer and retailer.  Shopping directly with Apple, Samsung and on the Google Play marketplace will help you find some deals that are otherwise unavailable in stores. These deals may be on the best new smartphones, refurbished smartphones and sales on existing models of older phones. Any way you look at it, you’ll find some great deals directly through the manufacturer and retailer. Another option is looking at the ‘Big Box’ stores such as Target and Best Buy to find some hidden deals that may be offered online only.  Often these retailers will offer daily deals or online specials that they don’t advertise, so you need to do a little online research to find out about them.
  2. Purchase a phone through a service provider and save. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and more service providers offer all the top smartphones under a traditional two-year contract to help lower the purchase price of the phone.  There is another option if you have credit problems or want one of the best new smartphones on a more flexible data plan. If this option sounds like the one for you, consider getting your next phone from a prepaid company like Boost Mobile. Click on the link here: Sprint or Boost Mobile if you’re interested in more information on any of your new phones.
  3. Check out third-party, online retailers such as Amazon and Alibaba. From Apple to Samsung and all the big boys on the smartphone market, Amazon and Alibaba as online retailers offer some incredible offers as well.  From a contract to unlocked phones, as well as offering trade-in specials, both Amazon and Alibaba have a huge inventory of providers to help you find the best deal for your top smartphones.

Never fear.  It’s not too late this holiday season to find a great deal on any of the best new smartphones on the market.  And shopping for a new phone shouldn’t be a headache or put a huge dent in your wallet.


But deals are not going to knock on your door, and it’ll take you a little research and background work to find an amazing deal.  Put in the work and you’ll find an outstanding deal on the top smartphones.

Use the resources we discussed above to help save you money on all the best new smartphones.

Just because you missed out on deals this past Black Friday, or forgot about Cyber Monday and just missed the boat altogether doesn’t mean you won’t find a great deal on the top smartphones.  It’s a buyers market during the holidays, and that means if you know where to look, you can find incredible prices on the best new smartphones. And knowing where to find these deals will help save you time and money, making the holidays more enjoyable and less stressful for you and your family.

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